When you wake in the morning, Give thanks

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They are so many beauty to the act of waking up, as it signifies a lot of things. Firstly your body had rest and there is this hope, aspiration, energy that comes with seeing a new day, secondly seeing a new day means a new opportunity. My advice is always for people to put aside all their problems before going to bed, in doing so they usually wake up with new and fresh energy and ideas on how to solve their problems. So when you first wake in the morning, do not go straight to your problems, but give thanks to your CREATOR for allowing you see a new day. Remember your prayers, let it stream from your heart. Transfer this beauty to others, say hi or good morning to them, let them feel what you are feelings, by doing this they too will learn to be appreciative. Do not take little things for granted because from it are connected the huge things of life. A simple exercise is to step outside, inhale the fresh air and exhale while giving thanks and meditating or saying your prayers.

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