Take Good Care of yourself


Daily physical and mental activities are carried out by our physical body, and as such the body is more or less like a machine which enable us to do work. Note, mechanical machines that we use in factories or homes have a shut down and servicing period. The reason for this is to enable optimal performance, our physical body is not exempted from the rule of sleep which is same as shut down, nutrition which can be regarded as servicing. Each time we have enough sleep and eat the right type of food, we feel energized to face the daily task. Relaxation should also be part of a healthy habit including sleep. Food is the fuel that runs the body, just like the fuel that runs our vehicles. Your meal should include the right type of nutrient in the right proportion. Fueling your vehicle with the wrong type of fuel may knock the engine, and eating the wrong type of food may lead to a problem for the body. Pay attention and understand your body signals and seek help when you cannot interpret such signal. Don't be driven by need for money and overwork the body, excess physical activities has a negative effect. So as part of your daily schedule, include time for break and rest, this periods enable the body to rejuvenate. Aside from the physical body is your spiritual body which feeds on messages, love, goodness, and good music. For balance as you make time for the physical body also create time for the spiritual body.

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