Is there anything that does not require patience in life? The answer is NO. Patience is one virtue every true individual should learn to develop, and it is applicable in all aspects of life from relationships, marriage, work, learning, farming, business, etc. Patience does not mean waiting and doing nothing, it is actually applying faith and work to our expectations. Patience is an inward quality, unlike natural skills that we can by practice, patience can be learned through self motivation, and meditation. When patience is missing we act irrational, and outcome is always poor. Calmness, confidence, intelligence are all products of patience. Impatience will lead to shunting the natural process and when this happens we miss a lot of lessons. Impatience is like a man who forces a fruit to ripen before its maturity, the taste and nutritional benefits is always questionable. Anything we do not use often diminishes, while application enables growth and lessons. Develop and grow your virtues to a level such that, you can be confident of yourself in any circumstances.

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