Let your work be your prayer


Prayer is part of the life of man, most especially when we are trouble. We have read stories of people who were saved as a result of their prayer. So what then is prayer. Prayer is an earnest communication to your Creator asking for help, or expressing gratitude. During prayer the heart is involved, as a means of communication and such heart must stand in purity, sincerity and total honor to the Almighty. To cap up every prayer is faith, which is believing and acting in line with the words of the Almighty. Faith, prayer and action goes together, we shouldn't expect to reap what we did not sow. Help comes to those who make effort, and this comes in form of blessings to your handwork. So as we pray let us work along with our prayers. Like the popular saying 'action speaks louder than words' we are expected to do our best while heaven do the rest. Finally since prayer is a form of communication between the Almighty we are expected to listen back intuitively, not all prayers are answered instantly, they may be some instructions to be carried out, and this is the part so may people miss out. Lessons is that we pray and also listen. Communication involves talking and listening, and a good listener will be able to carry out a good instruction.

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