Importance of sleep


sleep is natural and we shouldn't try to truncate natural processes. Lack of enough sleep affects our concentration which may cause depression. Sleep improves productivity at work. An adult needs between 7 to 9 hours of sleep in a day, while children need more time of sleep. As part of a healthy lifestyle, we should imbibe a good sleep culture. During sleep the body heals and recovers from stress. Over sleeping is a problem and could lead to weight addition and laziness. The hormones, immune system and body metabolism are affected by sleep so make sure you have adequate sleep. Tips for a good sleep, includes making your bedroom comfortable, eating on time, avoiding noise, finishing your daily task on time, and above all a good and a free mind. People have had testimonies of sleeping over a problem, and waking up with idea on how to solve the problem. So value your sleep because of your health, spirituality, and productivity.

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