Happy Sunday


As weekends are useful for rest and recuperation before the beginning the working week , do not forget your spiritual body, the core of man. The spiritual body also needs food, just like your physical body feeds on good food. In Africa and many other countries Sunday is set aside for Worship and Service, during this time people are continuously reminded of their spiritual obligations as Christians through various biblical teachings. This serves as a period of reflection and turn around. One of such reminder is the teaching that life is a journey, and therefore the need to continuously strife to make it to the final destination which is paradise. A good Christian service is always rejuvenating to the spirit and builds a connection with our spiritual home. In addition to the message is the choir, hymns and worship songs which adds to the atmosphere of service. Other people use Sunday as day of showing love to others especially the less privileged. This is in line with the commandment 'love thy neighbour as thyself' and love is expressed through giving, listening, sharing, forgiveness and giving hope. How is your Sunday, have you remembered others.

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Great advice @bestgift Thanks so much for sharing these words of wisdom.💐

15.08.2019 01:41