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“My religion is love. Every heart is my temple.” ~ Rumi

The bottom line of all religion is 'love' but how many people understand the meaning of love. Love emanates from the heart, and express though actions. Now let us examine some the characters shown through love. Love is the opposite of hate, love forgives, love listens, love advises, love shows care, in love is justice. Love gives opportunity, love remembers, in love we find forgiveness, love is kind, love thinks well of all, love wishes well. The next question will be 'how much of this are we practicing, noting that our action speaks louder than what we profess. We may claim membership of any religion but if we lack love, then we are like empty vessels. The benefits of exhibiting love is that we remain protected by heaven especially at the darkest moments. The heart of love shines light, it brightens the darkness around, such that people around have a sense of feeling. Showing love should not stop with our family members but to every one we come across. Without love it will be difficult to make paradise. Let us count on love, and let love guide us.

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