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Fuck you Justin, we're moving to Hive.

Fuck Justin Sun

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I’m sure it wouldn’t be deserted if you pushed the transactions per day to it’s limits for a while

Everyone would be like whoa what’s steem

26.08.2019 15:20

The author behind @berniesanders is also the @kingdong / @nextgencrypto / @ngc / group of accounts who claims to OWN the top twenty witnesses. He is also loves to boast that he holds thousands of accounts.

He uses these accounts for:
Self voting mostly.
Witnesses votes.
Flagging content which is not supported by main stream media.
Flagging random accounts (usually small accounts) as a cover for his more earnest censorship work.
He takes great delight in tormenting random small accounts and those who want to make the world a better place, plus it’s a great cover for his real work of censorship and fucking up the platform.

These abuses are all conducted with the FULL SUPPORT of the top 20 Witness @themarkymark
The markymark (Malcom) seems like a nice guy on the surface, but he is corrupt to the core and cares not one jot about bullshitting you, right to your face. Just another politician.

These two individuals have become like a gangrenous limb which needs to be amputated in order to save the body.

It’s time for us to grow up and take responsibility for our own environments people.

The latest HF is designed for the sole purpose of enriching this group of accounts. Notice that we will have free flags soon. Being the largest holders of Steem every flag returns something to the reward pool which will increase his daily rewards substantially.
He has thousands of votes to give witnesses because he has thousands of accounts.
PS he is also the largest SELF VOTER here. sad isnt it?

26.08.2019 15:52

I still don't understand that.

26.08.2019 16:55

That says a lot.

I fear with HF21 on the horizon, it will become even more desolate. More bots fighting to split the reward pool and less good content as authors move to other sites that actually reward them (Uptrennd, PublishOx, BitTube/BitTubers, etc.)

26.08.2019 15:38

Yes it will become more desolate, that is bernies plan lol
If we want make this place to thrive we need to ban @themarkymark and the @berniesanders / @kingdong / @nextgencrypto / @ngc group of accounts.
Bernie actually claims that he OWNS the top twenty witnesses.

Just imagine what will happen when we get free flags.
Bernie being the largest stake holder will reap the lions share from all those free flags returning Steem to the reward pool.
He is genuinely a psychopath

26.08.2019 16:08


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