Moving to hive

Fuck you Justin, we're moving to Hive.

Fuck Justin Sun

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Are they the only major whale on here who hasn’t adopted the new steem mentality?

22.09.2019 14:52

Who knows, bikini boy needs to get it together.

22.09.2019 15:55

Isn't haejin scamming whaleshares now?

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22.09.2019 17:59

Why do you play these stupid games that only end up diminishing the value of the Steem token which i am told you hold the largest stake.

I saw some of the flags you have been dishing out for @lukestokes
Do you think people don't notice these things?
Just about everything you are doing diminishes the value of Steem and diminishes the perceived integrity of the witness selection process.
When the fuck are you going to wake up and start supporting the success of the platform?

22.09.2019 20:50

Because everything diminishes anyway at some point, it's the law of diminishing returns!

28.09.2019 22:25

Yea that is true. Everything passes away.
However it appears to me that some here are deliberately trying to prevent it from reaching its full potential.

If you held the largest stake here would spend so much time trying piss off as many people as possible?

29.09.2019 10:55

Lol 😂. He's a changed man now. Calm your tits down😂😂

01.10.2019 18:55

: ) best you let him know that he has changed then

01.10.2019 20:03


01.10.2019 22:12

What the fuck are you talking about!
you are @ranchorelaxo !

24.11.2019 03:09