Weekly contest 8:poetry game (Hope)

This life is a journey
A journey full of ups and downs,
At times the downs outnumber the ups
But not always permanent.
This world is a tramp,
A tramp full of trampling
The road narrow and slippery
But I am he that keeps you going.

I see the stars beneath the clouds
I see the sun beneath the storms
I see the light at end of the tunnel
I see the glory after the shame
I see an oasis in every desert
I see love in every hostility
I am hope.

Look at the mirror,
What do you see?
I am the colourful rainbow lining in your tears
I am the gold after the pains of mining
I see the gain after the pain
Look beyond the rubbles
And you'll grab the ruble
I am hoped.
__I am hope that one day,steem will over take Bitcoin because anything can happen and for @dobartim,I am loyal to your government and thanks for this great opportunity.

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