A day of Independence and Remembrance

My 93 year-old grandfather got to visit his original home that my wife and I now live in for the first time since Hurricane Harvey.

We spent time outside where he met our dog, Rupert.

Three generations of my family were all able to come together and celebrate this amazing occasion. From grandfather to father to son, life truly comes full circle.

I even wrote a memoir to my grandfather so he can always have something to read about me.

The fact is, life is short even after 93 years of living it. My grandfather lost his second wife not two weeks ago and he is as resilient as ever. He truly is part of the greatest generation and I am thankful to still have him in my life.

Stay close with your family, don't hold grudges, life is too short! Cheers from my family to yours!

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Your Grandfather looks great!
Here's wishing him much health - and to live to 120:)

08.07.2019 03:52

Thank you so much! His mother made it to 99.5, I plan on helping him break that record!

08.07.2019 03:54