Identifying Imposter syndrome and Its effect on your life

Today, I would like to dive a little bit into psychology. Psychologically, A lot of things affect our life, business and our decision-making, part of which we have Imposter syndrome.


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It happens that a person seems to be quite successful: he opened a business, earns good money, wins competitions, and speaks at conferences - but internally, he is unsure of himself, believes that he is not worthy of all this, and achieved success by chance. This condition in psychology is called impostor syndrome.
Impostor Syndrome puts a person under constant stress. He believes that he is not in his place and that people around him will soon notice his incompetence. And sometimes the syndrome paralyzes - a person does not advance further, gets stuck in a low position, is afraid to declare himself or start his own Business.

Signs that you have imposter syndrome

The impostor syndrome is not easy to recognize because a person does not think that he has any problems - he is sure that nothing is really worth it, that he needs to work harder and work harder.
You can check if you have this syndrome using the list below:

  • Clients and coworkers say good things about you, but you still think of yourself as a bad person.
  • You are anxious before working with each new client or new task; it seems to you that you will not cope and you will be accused of incompetence.
  • You hardly accept the praise; start making excuses and making excuses.
  • You are sure that all your successes are due not to your hard work but to luck.
  • You feel joy while working, but are often dissatisfied with the result, think that you could have done even better.
  • Any mistakes in work throw you off balance.
  • You are constantly dissatisfied with yourself, trying to do more and better, overworking.
  • You are afraid to announce yourself publicly, for example, talk about working on social networks or speak at a conference.
  • You are afraid to take responsibility even in areas where you are competent; you are afraid to open your own Business or expand it.

A positive answer to even one question is the first sign of impostor syndrome. If there are more than half of positive answers, then the syndrome seriously interferes with your life and development; you just do not notice it.
But there is good news for you. Having imposter syndrome is a sign that you are definitely not an imposter. The fact is that people who are not competent enough, due to a lack of experience and knowledge, are simply not able to realize their incompetence. That is, those very real impostors cannot understand that they are impostors and consider themselves to be tough specialists.

If you consider yourself an impostor, then you have already accumulated enough competencies and experience, and you are a real professional. But, unfortunately, this awareness is not enough to overcome impostor syndrome.

If you observe you have Imposter Syndrome, please help yourself by seeking help

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