Interesting Times....


... and we just finished watching the address from the Dutch Prime Minister announcing that all schools will be closed from tomorrow until the 6th April in an attempt to slow down the spread of the Corona-virus in Netherlands.

Last week, we saw on Thursday the halting of gatherings of more than 100 people... which put paid to my work over the next month... with concerts cancelling left right and centre! This evening, schools and childcare centres were declared closed (unless you are working in a critical job) in addition to limited hours for restaurants (closing before 1800). Also closed were sex-clubs, "coffee" shops and sports clubs....

Most places are trying to transition to a work at home sort of regime... which is quite interesting, as it seems like there is an opportunity now for bad actors to start targeting the less well defended home networks en masse to try and get access to otherwise more secure networks.

Anyway, it is going to be a long few weeks... we are starting to try and come up with a sort of "schooling" plan for the next weeks... something to keep the kids occupied. I plan on focussing on Maths and Science... perhaps some cool home experiments and touch of General Rel and QM for primary school! Or maybe just long hours of watching Cosmos!

Meanwhile... I got a call today from a group that is planning to stream the St John Passion this Friday. The first sign of an alternative to the regular Classical Music concerts that would otherwise be occupying my time... they were looking for a dámore player and a Violin/Viola... and the call started off, "I'm assuming that you are currently free..."... ha ha yes, I will be free for the next month! Hopefully not longer... but I'm not holding my breath on that!

Meanwhile, there are people that a predicting a Coronavirus inspired baby boom... I'm more wondering if that will be matched by a Coronavirus inspired divorce rate as couple actually spend time together!

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Sounds like society is no longer fun. Keep this up long enough and most of us would rather risk infection :| The regressive social conservatives who are perpetually offended by joy must be loving it.

16.03.2020 12:21

I am curious how this all pans out in 6-12 months... apart from economic hardships... will there be a lasting change in how do things generally?... perhaps people will realise that they don't really like their jobs, or find them "non-essential". Perhaps the case for a UBI might be forming... perhaps, we will just have political turmoil... definitely an interested non-bystander!

19.03.2020 15:05

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17.03.2020 19:18