Archangel Michael.

This picture was given to me by a great friend. The image is carved entirely in wood and was made by an unknown but very valuable artist named Jesús Gómez, venezuelan artist, in February 2005, that is 14 years ago. This painting is my property and I show it to you as a very beautiful work of art. I really don't know how much this chart is rated. If there is anyone who can give me an idea, I appreciate it. Because it is also unique, there is no other.
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Category Artphotography
Settings ISO-400 1/30 f/3.3
Camera Digital Samsung PL 120
Lens 4.7-23.5mm/1:3.3-5.9/26mm
Location Venezuela


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Thank you friend Tomás for your support, which is very significant for me. This motivates me to improve.

04.09.2019 01:38

Thanks also to circa, to mirla33, anomaly and laissez-faire, I hope to compensate, in due course, that support they always give me. Much success for all of you.

04.09.2019 01:44