Week 7 home work task by professor@stream4u, money and portfolio management.

The topic chosen by professor @stream4u this week is very significant for everyone getting in the crypto world, the possibility of being able to handle money and portfolio successfully is a reason why we need to take courses like this one to help us get enlightened the more about the topic.

Money management.

For an investor, money management will be a question of the capital intended for the business, in order to be able to manage the said capital correctly there must be a knowledge about how a portfolio should be arranged. Investment is not a question of how much or how less you have with you, it is totally a matter of how well you understand the market and how well you are able to arrange your portfolio.

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Portfolio management.

While describing the management of capital in the topic above, we mentioned portfolio and a portfolio can be maintained after some decisions have been made concerning the assets created. In a portfolio, the investor must have made some research about some assets and then must have come up with a decision on which of the investment opportunities he is going to dive into after this has been done, he must then buy those assets and then create a portfolio which will cover every single detail of each of the asset obtained.

This investor has been wise enough not to just put every fund that he has into a single investment asset but he has been able to divide the capital carefully into different assets which might spring up to give a good reward at any time, the mistake of investing into just one asset is that the asset might remain on a low ground for a long time and might never have the opportunity of having an increased price but when the funds are split into different accounts, there is a great possibility of having an increased reward from any of them at any time.

Future plan on portfolio investment.

This will be to continuously have an increased portfolio, gaining more knowledge about the cryptocurrency assets and increasing my portfolio on a general note. Thank you for the lecture and the home work task this week dear professor @stream4u.

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