The more you seek to get motivated, make sure you also seek discipline.

Discipline is much more important than we can ever imagine, discipline gives us the guarantee of success at the long run, with discipline we get completely assured of a safe and better accomplishment. There is a lot more discipline required to attain the level of success we have than motivation will do, we see millions of motivation everywhere and motivational speakers increase on a daily basis but motivation is never enough to make us achieve the type of success that we want, the only thing that can make us attain that level of success is intense discipline.

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The thousands of people who motivate us every day did not get their own success story by listening to motivational speakers encourage them instead they get their success stories by putting in a very great level of discipline and dedication into what they do they know that the achievement of success comes from merely listening to the stories of motivation.

I have seen people who have series of motivation on their phone, they listen to these motivation day and night but they are never ready to give in the sacrifice required to make it happen. They feel encouraged and moved by motivational speakers but when it comes to giving in their bit in order to gain the required success, they feel less vibe to make that happen.

There are days you wake up and you do not feel like doing a specific task, you know what they say about those days when you just want to lay in bed all day long, on days like that motivation will not make you strong enough to get tasks accomplished rather discipline will do justice to it. Discipline will push you out of bed, make you jump on your feet and drive you to get accomplished the task you did not feel like working on. Through everything we do and all that we have to go through every day, we need to work on increasing our level of discipline.

After listening to a good motivational speaker, it pushes us very hard to get on board and then get things done but it is very easy for that feeling to fade away sooner than we can imagine, but discipline comes with the required push and drive. I am not trying to ignore the good things that motivation can do to anyone but with discipline the journey is usually faster.

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What an excellent article, and it is so true! I remember speaking to a pastor after September 11th in the USA. He said people flocked to the churches afterward, but it only lasted for some weeks. After that, the motivation was gone, and the heart remained the same.

So, the motivation is short term, discipline is long time... and so is the determination of the heart followed by discipline.

Thanks a lot for writing this, fantastic content and very useful!

16.03.2021 21:22

Thank you for reading @unbiasedwriter, discipline is actually more important in all we do.

16.03.2021 22:08