Some of the Important Areas of a Man’s Life that requires Discipline.

If you want to be listed amongst the successful people in life, then discipline is greatly required it is a significant mention and it is important for us to understand that discipline is one of the important attribute that needs to be put in check if success is desired. With a disciplined mind comes the opportunity to do more and achieve a more efficient result.

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The discipline of the mind.

The mind is a very strong and serious controller of our lives our mind has so much to do with the occurrence around us, it is either we allow our mind to lead us to positive and great things or we allow our mind to push us very far away from the success we want to attain. Once we are able to get our minds disciplined, it becomes pretty easy for us to get along with other things.

Discipline your circle of friends.

The circle of people you move around with are a great determinant to your future, your determination to be a success is being surrounded by those who also desire success. Surround yourself with people who think about progress and they are connected to your achievement of victory.

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Discipline yourself to have better goals.

Some of us are extremely comfortable with living an average life and we are very scared to set any goal that will go against that atom of comfort that we feel. Setting bigger, higher and better goals will motivate us to go for more and soon enough we will begin to see the accomplishment of a goal as the step to getting a better one.

Discipline your morning habits.

The mornings are usually a great part of the day and if we take advantage of the morning when we are usually more active, it will guarantee that we get a better result at the long run. Instead of waking up to watch the t.v or carry out activities that are unproductive, spend your morning to do something that will yield a better result.

Discipline yourself to have a neat and attractive environment.

The environment that we find ourselves is a perfect reflection of what becomes of our lives, there is a need to be cautious of the type of environment that we live in making sure that everything is extremely neat and attractive, providing the mind with the peace and comfort that will make it work better.

Discipline your speech.

Words said can never be retraced so we need to watch what we say and know when to speak. The words of the mouth can be a great determinant towards getting success and it could also be a great determinant to failure, there is a need to watch out for the type of words that we speak.

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Immediately I came across this post, I was really impressed. I say to my self, I will be writing on it soon. This is because I love the topic.

As a human, they are so many areas in our life where discipline is need. He went out by saying friends. This aspect is very vital. The circle of friends you keep will go along way impacting your life positively or negatively

Nice post @ben-edom

08.03.2021 13:25

Thanks for reading @tfame, the circle of friends we keep are actually extremely important.

08.03.2021 13:30

Hello @ben-edom
All the points you mention are very important in the discipline of each person if he or she wants to achieve his or her goals.
Particularly, I give a lot of importance to my most productive hours, I agree with you that the first hours of the day are very productive.
Great read, thanks for sharing.

Have a great day!

08.03.2021 18:46