My Top Three Review.

Hello friends, welcome to my review on project hope. Irrespective of the economic down time, I suggest that we all stay happy not taking for granted the little things that excite us during this period.

A Short Introduction

I did this in my last post and I will be doing it again. If you haven't heard about project hope on Steemit and on Hive, then it is visible you are not on both blockchain as the community has grown strong even in the midst of the steemit and hive crises as well as become more active.

You can tell with the numbers of subscribers and active users present in the community. A vision of @crypto.piotr and a combination of great team members which includes @juanmolina, @fucho80, @lanzjoseg, @pedrobrito2004 ,@jadams2k18 ,@gbenga and @josevas217.

The Main Thing

Writers on project.hope are committed to writing amazing and original content. It is no news that the community frowns against plagiarism. In that note, I will be sharing with you 3 posts that got my attention on the project hope community. I am not talking about posts on the trending but rather, I am talking about post I believe deserves some accolades, visibility, interaction and if possible votings. On that note, here are my three project hope community posts;

Number 1

Why a Business Must Focus on Quality as Part of the Key Elements of Becoming a Successful Brand (Part 2)


In business, branding is extremely important and the type of brand we build will determine how long a business will stand the test of time.

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Number 2

Staying Consistent As A Blogger.


Consistency and focus needs to be the watchword of every blogger and that is a very good reason why bloggers need to get rid of every distracting activity.

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Written by @valchiz

Number 3

Putting Patience In Business.

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Patience is a great contributing factor for progress in business,running into business only for the sake of profit will definitely result into running out of it very fast enough.

Written by @samminator

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