"The Diary Game Season 3 (June 6, 2021) | Prayer for My Mother's Full Recovery"

A blessed evening to all Steemians out there. This is @bellekiss-31 sharing to all how thankful I am for the fast recovery of my mother.

First and foremost I am very much thankful to God Almighty for being there for us always, especially for this time that our family needs him for my mother's current condition.

Since I'm married with my own family, I am living not so far, but not also near to my parent's house. Once we're on rest day at work we're making it a habit to visit my parent's place. Both my parents were no longer physically fit nor that healthy due to recent mild stroke that they both experience in separate dates last year.

My younger sister @rotchel and my sister next to me @roselyn028 who lives in and near my parents house were the ones giving me updates to their condition. Unfortunately lately they'd been asking for assistance since my mother was really not having a good condition, the fact that she's having hard time taking any food given to her makes her so weak. She's been vomiting from time to time, but unable to take any food. Last Friday we talked and decided to bring her to the Lapu-lapu City Community Hospital, but since both @rotchel and @roselyn028 were pregnant, me and my other sister @ranfa were the ones who brought our mother to the hospital.

Luckily I met an old friend who works in that hospital, to be honest I may not be in favor of special treatment when it comes to government agencies, but with our situation during that day I really appreciate the essence of what friendship can do when in times that you are in need. Disclaimer; we were not really given a special treatment while using the facilities, but because of my friend we we're able to get my mom admitted right away and we were not given so much hard time in looking for the blood transfusion that she needed.

Saturday 3am in the morning when we we're transferred to the isolation area of the hospital since my mom suddenly got high fever that eventually goes down in the morning, which leads for the delay of the transfusion, though we both got our Swab test as part of the protocol and we got it for free, fortunately this time the government are offering it for free unlike before that it really costs much. It was last night and today that my mom got the two bags fully transmitted.

As of now she's doing good, she no longer vomits and starting to eat, not the normal way but at least she's slowly eating foods that's good for her health. She's listening to the doctor's advise and gladly she looks fine now compare to the time she haven't gotten the transfusion, we're waiting for the advise for the remaining 1 bag for transfusion and praying for her full recovery by then. Hoping that we will also have a good result for her Abdominal Ultrasound and ECG laboratory test scheduled tomorrow morning.

Now she's already sleeping soundly, and I am very much happy seeing her slowly recovering and that's also why I had this chance of sharing to my Diary Game entry for the week the happiness brought to us, that my mother is now given another chance to live longer, another life to spend with us and with her grandchildren, especially that her two daughters were pregnant the one is expecting her baby by July while the other is by November this year.

Our mom is only 54 years of age, but already have this types of illnesses. She's also having maintenance medication due to HB and as per them this is due to her hardwork when she's young and already started working in a factory at the young age of 16, as they say in our own dialect "paniningil" naniningil na daw kasi ang katawan natin na noong panahong mga bata pa tayo medyo inaabuso natin kasi nga malakas at bata pa.

So I am encouraging myself and everyone that while we're still young we should love ourselves and try not to abuse whatever capabilities we can during this days. We should start working to be physically fit and healthy. Start with our lifestyle, the food we take should be nutritional and healthy and we should have a regular exercise.

Thank you so much for giving your time in reading this and also learn from the lesson that we had with our experience.

Stay Safe and Healthy Everyone!

Love & Care 💗 @bellekiss-31!

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Praying for mama's fast recovery dae. Anyways love your gif dae, nagpahimo ka dae?

07.06.2021 23:27

Salamat ate, akong logo te kay ako ako rman nagkalingaw og himo ana, gi mao mao rna nako, paint ra akong gamit ana te.

08.06.2021 04:02

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08.06.2021 03:13

Thank you for the support, as always!

08.06.2021 04:02