Movie review: Pieces of a Woman // Reseña de película: Fragmentos de una mujer

Movie Review: Pieces of a Woman


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Pieces of a Woman is a Netflix movie that I saw recently, and it really moved me to the bone.

It generated in me, a roller coaster of emotions from moment 1. It doesn't even make sense that I tell you too much about the movie because I would reveal something fundamental from the beginning of the film, that I think has to be seen without knowing what is going to happen.

It led me to reflect on...

In general terms, in this production you can see and analyze many points that make up the daily life of a woman:

  • How we relate to motherhood, whether we are mothers or not
  • How the ideas of our own mothers influence our decisions
  • How we really don't need a partner just because, but what is worth is the company of another
  • How we fall apart and have the ability to stand up much more strongly
  • How sometimes justice is superficially sought by legal tools, when true justice resides in the heart, developing the capacity for forgiveness towards oneself and towards others
  • How the ability to accept reality, makes us free


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I think it's a great movie for men to watch too, because it can help them understand women more. Not his wife or girlfriend, but in general, us, who often are called hysterical or sensitive.

And for women, more than recommended, actually, first I recommend this film to you, especially if you perceive signs of motherhood in any aspect (motherhood is protection, love, nutrition, and there are many ways to exercise this function in the lifetime). Not everyone is going to see and interpret this movie like me because we are all different beings, but at least in my case, I felt very identified with Martha, the main character. I haven't experienced a situation like this even close, in fact, I am not yet a mother of human beings (I do have my cat, my dog ​​, and plants and I consider myself responsible for them).

In conclusion, more than recommended.

Where to watch it?

  • Netflix


  • Pieces of a Woman




  • Kornél Mundruczó

Executive producer

  • Martin Scorsese

Main actors

  • Vanessa Kirby as Martha Weiss
  • Shia LaBeouf as Sean Carson

Official Trailer



I hope you can watch it! If you do, or if you already know about the movie, let me know what you think!

Have a nice day,





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28.02.2021 13:06

¡Sensacional reseña querida @belenguerra! Con todo lo que nos compartes, quedé con ganas de verla 😃(especialmente ahora que estamos entrando en el mes de nosotras las mujeres)😊👠
¡Saludos y bendiciones para ti!🌺

02.03.2021 23:03

Si la ves, después me contás! Ojo que es fuerte!! Sobre todo el inicio, pero a mí me gustó mucho!

Muchas gracias por leer y comentar!! :) :)

Que tengas un hermoso miércoles!!


03.03.2021 13:12