Mapping analysis for Southeast Asia | Steemit users: total and status, March 25

Mapping analysis for Southeast Asia


Hello everybody!! I've been working on this new project since yesterday, and I'm glad to share this new map, this time for Southeast Asia! This was a request from @steemcurator01 after reading the report shared by @anroja.

I took his data and checking with him if my statistics were correct. After that, I built the maps on QGIS 3.10.3 for desktop. I utilized as a base map, an online shape from Google Satellite (this is Google Satellite for mapping analysis. You can upload it directly on QGIS), and the vectorial shape for the countries that belongs to, this is a website wherein you can download vectorial data for cartography legally and free.

Source of the data

As I mentned before, I took the numbers shared by @anroja in the report shared below:

Table built to create the map

#steemit users from SEA and it's status

Country Total Active Dormant
Indonesia 507 430 77
Malaysia 16 12 4
Phillipine 99 85 14
Thailand 9 7 2
Singapore 3 3 0
Vietnam 3 3 0
Cambodia 2 0 2



This is the status updated unt March 16, 2021.

You can take a look at the references, but darker colors mean more users, and lighter ones, a low number of them. You can see that Indonesia and the Philippines are in contrast with Cambodia and Vietnam.

This is the status updated unt March 16, 2021.

In this map, it happens the same, shiner colors mean active users. Please, observe the first map or the base colors to read this map well. You can also help with the table.

For example, Vietnam has a completely shining orange in its chart, but if you take a look at the color below, is the one that has fewer steemians. So... what that mean? It means that the 3 #steemit users that belong to Vietnam are active.


For detailed information about SEA users, please take a look at @anrojas 's report

CRs, if you have the statics, I can build the maps for the different regions if you want to.

Thank you very much for reading!!

Have a beautiful day

With love,



Cc. to CR's:

Cameroon (@njiatanga, @saxopedia), Ghana (@njaywan, @oppongk), Nigeria (@beautychicks, @focusnow, @bright-obias, @whitestallion), Uganda (@yohan2on), Mexico (@leveuf), Argentina (@belenguerra, @fendit), Venezuela (@adeljose, @anasuleidy, @edlili24, @mariita52, @tocho2, @albenis, @inspiracion, @wilmer1988), Bangladesh (@rex-sumon, @tarpan, @toufiq777), India (@neerajkr03, @rishabh99946, @sapwood), Indonesia (@anroja, @ernaerningsih, @nazarul, @radjasalman), Japan (@cryptokannon), Pakistan (@rashid001), Sri Lanka (@besticofinder, @randulakoralage), Italy (@girolamomarotta), Russia (@filinpaul, @knopka145), Turkey (@alikoc07), Ukraine (@antorv, @olesia) and New Zealand (@kiwiscanfly).


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Thank you @belenguerra.

This map representation is great.

Next step the whole world (but we might need some more data first...).

25.03.2021 21:45

Hi @steemcurator01 team. I would like to request for an access to steemcurator08 to help with curation on English contents from SEA users and Japan users. Currently they are manage by CRs of Indonesian. I think we need Country Reps from Philippines too as the users from this country increasing lately. Thanks.

26.03.2021 03:00

Look out for some updates on this very shortly.

Thank you

27.03.2021 16:35

Thank you! 🤩

28.03.2021 04:59

I'm glad you liked it dear @steemcurator01! We can work on the data, and then the maps. It would be great!

With time, we also will be able to analyze the grown of #steemit platform in different countries.

26.03.2021 03:06

this is great

25.03.2021 23:44

Welcome! 😊

26.03.2021 03:07

Nice job Belen we can see the distributions of steemit users on map with this presentation 🤩

26.03.2021 03:01

I'm glad you liked it dear Kannon!! 😊😊

26.03.2021 03:03

Your surgery will be tomorrow right. Hope everything will went well and I hope you have prepared well

26.03.2021 03:28

Yes 😊 Friday in the afternoon. Thank you very much dear Kannon. Yes! I think I'm well prepared, I haven't sleep very well, that's the only thing. Lol. 😊

26.03.2021 03:57

Excellent work! Is that the total of people per country?

26.03.2021 16:15

This map is beautiful and congratulations to the Indonesians. I am trying to spread STEEMIT in Italy

27.03.2021 05:19

That would be great! I'm doing the same in Argentina 😊

27.03.2021 07:35