Violence doesn't let us grow

Nigeria has been at the centre of every kind of violent crime that you can think of. Whether it is kidnapping, bombings, random shootings etc, you name it, we experience it. It is one of the worst places to live on earth and all this is because of a delusional dictator that was "democratically" put into office.


Everybody knows this fact and it is that when the head is bad, the whole body is bad. The head of our country is out of depth with reality, so literally everything else follows suit. The country's government is filled with boomers that make draconian policies that look certain to take us to the dark ages.

In the midst of that, we have the fintech industry shooting off in Africa. Despite our large population and resources, we're still well behind everyone else because of the lack of infrastructure. Factor in the violent crimes, inflation and insecurity, all we have is a grim image of a country in turmoil.

For me and my loved ones, every day is one step closer to emigrating from this hell hole. Life is too short for me to spend my whole life in a place that's geared towards destruction.

This country can't grow and there's no sign in sight to prove otherwise. Everything good you create is brought to nothing by the inherent violence, and your existence is perpetually under threat.

Why should anybody invest in this place? I feel bad for people like me, who, like everyone else in the world, just want to live life peacefully and grow. I feel bad because as a realist, I don't think this place is good for business but as a human, I think business will be good for Nigeria.

Nigeria will destroy your business if given the chance, that's one thing that's certain. However, your business will improve Nigeria IF it doesn't get destroyed by Nigeria first.

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I understand the dilemma; do I stay and work towards a better future or do I leave for the sake of my family. If you can't change the situation, it is no shame to leave and look for a better life elsewhere. You must look after your family and perhaps you can help your country from the outside. Know that in the end the situation will improve. Good Luck.

03.05.2021 08:23

Thanks mate. It is a very frustrating situation to be in. I'll do my best for my family, as you said.

03.05.2021 08:30

I read you and it seems to me that I am reading a Venezuelan, and I bet you that this head and his companions in power are not lacking anything.

In Venezuela we live something similar, that's why many have gone to other places looking for better opportunities and as you rightly say: peace.

I wish everything gets better, in Nigeria, but much more in your life.

Best regards.

03.05.2021 09:23

Man I hope life gets better at Venezuela as well.

03.05.2021 10:54

Thanks you, bro. 💪

03.05.2021 10:58

That is the situation we find ourselves in. Until the common man musters the courage to challenge the status quo. We will continuously be at the mercy of this old heads and looters in power. Right now, we all must take responsibility for our safety since the government has proven that it is incapable of protecting its citizens.

05.05.2021 08:24