KICKBACK REVIEW: About, How it works and more

Blockchain technology is here to stay. Different projects spring up and implement their platforms on different blockchains for various reasons. I ran into an interesting Decentralised application called Kickback on Stateofthedapps.

kickback is an interesting platform that falls into the media category and is the 342nd rated decentralised application on Stateofthedapps. Kickback is a platform that is touted as an event management project built on Eth network and is one of the Dapps supported by myetherwallet.

could mean he is either part of the team or just a promoter, hard to say right now.
- Since I couldn't use the platform, I decided to do some digging, particularly through the medium channel. I saw this Post where Makoto talks about how he has been hosting events on the platform but under a different name for three years.
- The Post also discusses how Kickback powered Side events at Devcon 5.*9_Wa1nlZTKuKZZxfuF6Mtw.png
- Kickback also introduced DAI support and it was announced in this medium post

How It Works

- Sign in using the previously mentioned mobile or desktop ETH wallet
- Indicate your interest in participating in an event by paying a small amount of ETH, usually 0.02Eth in a smart contract agreement.
- If you attend the event, you will be refunded your ETH
-So the catch is, if you're absent from an event, your Eth will be dispersed equally to everyone that attends the occasion.

Kickback seems like they have a great idea but I think it is too elaborate and/or not doing what it was meant to do. This is evident in the lack of activity and the absence of an event there.

For an event management application, it really doesn't say much about ticket sales and that's where Blocktricks, another Dapp I found on Stateofthedapps stands out. This Dapp is focused on ticket management and sales of events.

Remember, you can use this Dapp and other amazing Dapps found on Stateofthedapps with this very popular Eth wallet provider called MyEtherWallet

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