Syria has the oldest city in history, the capital Damascus, which is called the city of Jasmine. Many areas of Syria are predominantly heritage. The Syrian people are proficient in handicrafts and professions which are very closely linked to the Syrian heritage which still exists in many Syrian neighborhoods and cities. Because the majority of the Syrian people to this day still believe that the profession is a weapon in the hands of man that can prevent the poverty, many Syrians teach children the profession of father and often it’s the family profession. Therefore, the majority of the Syrian people mastered handicrafts very high efficiently because they are inherited from parents to children,this doesn’t mean that the Syrian people aren’t educated,there are a lot of people who complete university studies are Craftsmen! 

Handicraft worker, making wooden camel models.

 So we conclude that the Syrian people are associated with professions(handicrafts) which related to Syrian heritage and this heritage is still in the neighborhoods and cities of Syria. This unique interdependence doesn’t exist in any other country.

 Wooden Mosaic…Majestic handicraft innovated by Damascene craftsmen …

 Lifestyle in Syria

 Life in Syria is beautiful and simple as I mentioned at the beginning of the article. The morning has a special character and the afternoon has its own character as well as the evening. In the morning,you see the school students fill the roads, the elderly wake up early to walk and breathe fresh air and others in cafes listening to morning songs and sipping tea. You may find many women sitting on the balconies drinking coffee especially in the old neighborhoods. At the same time, employees go to their workplaces.

 You’ll find a lot of appearances in the early morning hours combined simultaneously. On Sunday, you must hear church bells ringing loudly. Some people believe that in Syria we live in gatherings or that Syria is divided into regions and in each region a certain sect lives. This is unfortunately a misconception and some people have moved this image abroad as they think. This is completely contrary to our way of living in Syria and completely away from the social structure of the Syrian people. What confirms this is that in our schools we study from all sects and religions in a row and in universities as well as in the revival of cities even in relations. People don’t think about sectarian or sectarian issues and this is not originally the customs or traditions of the Syrian people. At the same time, we don’t talk about matters pertaining to religion, sect, or ethnicity because it has negative results to society and endless debates. Education in all classes in Syrian society doesn’t care about these things that would dismantle the social structure. In Syria, whether you have the money or not, do not worry about food and drink, you are in generous country and among kind-hearted people.

Family and social bounds

 In Syria, one of the customs and traditions that still until today is that the children and grandchildren meet in the grandparents’ house on Thursday. On this special day, they gather and make delicious sweets, cook syrian meals and eat together. This is one of the reasons for social cohesion in Syria, which leave beautiful memories in the heart of each individual and nostalgia for the family,alley and house that has gathered them for long time.

 In all Syrian families there are rich, middle-income individuals and poor, but this doesn’t causes any differences between them except in rare cases depending on the behavior of the person. In the same family, you may find brothers one is a trader ,the other is an engineer and the other is a craftsman. This is normal so you find the family is a mixture of rich and poor but that doesn’t differentiate between them. It eliminates the concept of social differences.


 This ancient country has a charm that dwells the spirit of everyone who lives in it and comes to it. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that the angels extend their wings on the Levant.

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