My lid timeline for 24/03/2021. How my day went

Good evening steemians, hope your day went splendid? I am delighted to make my lid timeline on how my way went. Thanks to @steemalive

My first lid
Time: 8:27am
Location: Aba, Abia State
Date: 24/03/2021

Morning selfie


Good morning steemians, hope you had a good night? I woke up with headache and body pains. It should be as a result of the Stressful yesterday. It rained heavily last night and the weather isn't too friendly for me today. I pray I don't come up with a fever.
Have a beautiful day steemians

Second lid
Time: 9:00am
Location: Aba, Abia State

Ginger tea

I'm having cold and sore throat. Ginger tea will help. I will take a very little Ginger because it also helps in reducing weight which I don't need. Ginger tea has other benefits like
Reduction in blood pressure
help in easing menstrual pain
Help for easy digestion
Reduction of cholesterol levels

Ulcer patient, people that lack blood clotting ability, and people that do not want to reduce weight should take a little and a well diluted quantity.
Keep having a beautiful day

Third lid
Time: 9:50am

My breakfast

Simple breakfast for today. Tea and bread.
The cold is too much so tea and bread. I will be going out later today to see my friends and also get some food items from the market..
Keep tuned

Time: 4: 40pm
Location: Park/ Millverton, Aba Abia State

I have had a long day. Returning from shopping center, stop by Millverton to waybill the goods

I'm heading home now, the traffic is very terrible. People are already alighting From the vehicle to walk down home.

I hope the hold up lessens so I can get home in time. Hope your day was good?

Fifth lid
Location: Aba, Abia State

Spotlight for today: wheelbarrow
A wheelbarrow is one of the cheapest means to transport goods because it doesn't require fuel or gasoline to function, all it requires is effort


Sixth lid
Time: 9:56pm



After my day's duty, I finally get to eat a decent meal. Here is my meal for tonight. Rice and stew with beef and egg guped down with a cup of water.
I hope you had a very pleasant day? Have a great night rest. Tomorrow will be a blessed day indeed

Special regards to

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Thanks for the information about ginger on loosing weight. I guess you later trekked down to your house due the the traffic, that's part of what slims us down but with that kind of your dinner, I will never go slim. Have a wonderful night.

24.03.2021 22:30

I was too tired to walk to my house. I had to wait for the traffic to ease up. And as for my dinner, that was my second food for the day. Also, I haven't added as little as 1kg for over 4 years now

24.03.2021 22:59

a stress free day you had

25.03.2021 03:30

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27.03.2021 05:56

Thank you @bright-obias thank you @steemcurator04

27.03.2021 06:10