3 Days until the CROWDSALE of BEER finally close!

Many thanks dear Steeminas and the BEER community

Here is the actual Status of the CROWDSALE of BEER and yes, we got the first 152 Steemians who support our fun project with around 2407 STEEM.

Means we overperformed all goal and the Proof of Stake function of BEER is already running and sending BEER to all the users.

WE love that community and will think about the next steps and if you all like another crowdsale, as doing something like this together is so much fun - and a lot of work for us.

crowdsale beer status 24.8.19.png

The Crowdsale ends finally at the 26.08.2019 midnight.

Today we reached
2406,88 STEEM
means we
overperformed all goals

So, please spread the word and feel free tu re-use any of our graphics and content.


Thanks to all that Steemians

See this nice graphic with all that great Steemians who got already some BEER from the @beerlover
crowdsale beer status circle 24.8.19.png

YES, a community can ROCK it

We never thought that the Crowdsale will run so smooth and even better, that it was made by so many small accounts. YOU ROCK!

This are that early Investors, so please follow them to grow as well your BEER network a bit.

@harlhana @pjansen @jeanpi1908 @cryptobrewmaster @runridefly @pizzaboy77 @fishyculture @shadowmask @bucipuci @mcoinz79 @city-of-dresden @phoenixwren @steevc @mermaidvampire @jamethiel @rondras @browery @alexvan @wakeupkitty @isnochys @cervisia @harveyword @kissi @donald.porter @johannpiber @khaimi @tggr @ervin-lemark @connecteconomy @skramatters @crimo @enm1 @muelli @joanstewart @dreimaldad @jsantana @molometer @lordvdr @lotto-austria @reiseamateur @tazi @ayjoe @depot69 @misan @forever-crypto @augustimo @pundito @kadna @amico @mad-runner @johannpiber @condeas @ibc @dmilliz @oldtimer @felander @coolsurfer @toofasteddie @enthef @bashadow @cindyhartz @definethedollar @ervin-lemark @miti @tomhall @saboin @bucipuci @altobee @zekepickleman @detlev @c3r34lk1ll3r @donald.porter @meeplecomposer @tggr @crimo @johannpiber @bucipuci @chrisparis @browery @mad-runner @ervin-lemark @pab.ink @reiseamateur @abitcoinskeptic @backinblackdevil @altobee @kieny @saboin @aulia1993 @preparedwombat @johannpiber @mcoinz79 @elteamgordo @bluerobo @fonteynb @saboin @pompe72 @backinblackdevil @dk-goes-actifit @actifit-devil @seckorama @detlev @lightcaptured @bitpizza @jaydih @crypticat @dreimaldad @vanessav @ruhrsearch @detlev @maruskina @lightcaptured @robibasa @photocuration @athomewithcraig @spurisna @ruhrsearch @tinamarr @broxi @muscara @detlev @pompe72 @shadowmask @ibc @condeas @bashadow @reiseamateur @reiseamateur @oheyo @crypticat @ruhrsearch @ayjoe @ciuoto @bucipuci @schamangerbert @felixgarciap @johannpiber @dera123 @schlees @detlev @stuffbyspencer @darmianto5 @quekery @schlees @detlev @riczuniform @definethedollar @braaiboy @crypticat @johnboywalton @holydog @inlakech

Some of them invested even more as one time.

The actual bookkeeping

To have everything transparent, here you see the latest version of our bookkeeping.

The green marks shows that this people got a bonus of beer. Everybody just got the double amount of what they ordered.

Who will be the number 175 or number 160 or the one with the biggest invest?

We already have a few Steemians who did a 100 STEEM or 50 STEEM deal. Even @reiseamateur @jaydih and @detlev spend 150 STEEM the last days.

We start to get the funds that @detlev invested in some big upvotes to promote the CROWDSALE. He leave all this funds to @beerlover to get the upgrades.

BEER at the stock exchange

A very positive side effect of the Crowdsale is the rising price of BEER at the exchange.
See the actual chart from Steem-Engine.

Some days ago




A lot more **BEER**
is traded for a
much higher price at BEER Shop token

Our original post is here

A few days ago we wrote all that information about the CROWDSALE from @beerlover where you just send him some STEEM to get for each 0.15 STEEM one BEER token.


Exchange some Steem for some BEER and support the new development of the next steps of the BEER token.


The Link https://goldvoice.club/steem/@beerlover/let-s-grow-and-update-the-beer-token-huge-crowndfunding-as-crowdsale

Stay tuned for more information

The team behind this - mainly fun and community orientated - BEER token is working as well on the development of some games, tools and will be ready soon.

The overperformed amount
will be used for the next
development of **BEER**

if you like fun and **BEER** and blockchain,
have a look to the BEER token

Enjoy the BEER token


Your thirsty @BeerLover

Comments 22

I like this brewery :-)

23.08.2019 16:16

Well done! !BEER

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23.08.2019 16:21

I'm really impressed with how well this whole thing is going. You are really a talented marketer and this is by far the best #funtoken. Not only am I happy to drink beer, but I'm also happy to own beer, etc.

23.08.2019 16:30

I‘m as well speechless with the power of this great beerloving community and we will for sure go on with this fun!

23.08.2019 16:46

Congrats, @detlev: you are inspiring me! !giphy-react 👏

23.08.2019 17:11

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

23.08.2019 17:11

Now days, I drink a beer at the end of the night like most people drink a glass of wine. I’m a @beerlover and #SteemOnDudes

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23.08.2019 16:36

!BEER 🍻 and !giphy-react 👏

23.08.2019 17:10

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

23.08.2019 17:10

Hello @beerlover and @detlev it seems there is some sort of Loop going on as I have been receiving Comments from @beerlover every 5 minutes and an occasional Free Token sometimes as well.

Please do check it out.

23.08.2019 18:42

Thanks, we saw the bug.

The BEER Doc is already doing his job and I guess the @beerlover will be healthy in a few minutes

May the BEER be with you!

23.08.2019 19:06

Something is wrong. I made several attempts to send beer, but they were not accepted. Distribution is stalling as if there was a lack of delivery.

24.08.2019 06:53

I think there may be a beer bot problem, maybe it is sleeping one off, but I tried to give a few beers out, and none of them have shown up. I do have 144 beers staked so it should not be an insufficient amount thing.

24.08.2019 02:55

I also noticed this problem. The local brewery does not manage to respond to !BEER

24.08.2019 06:50

GG @beerlover
just sent 3 more STEEM so I can fill my fridge :^)

Just for fun, I will give one BEER to everyone that comments on my comment here, may take a few days, but come get your free BEER!

24.08.2019 04:49

It appears to be soooo hot around Europe, that even the !BEER delivery is stalled!

24.08.2019 15:10

Aye, I think the delivery drivers may be... testing their own product.

24.08.2019 19:52

Yes, they changed to a new server and this caused a few issues.

But after this change all should be running a lot better.

And yes, it is damn hot and half of the ordered beer is actually drunken by the @Beerlover and his friends.

Let‘s see !BEER

25.08.2019 08:36

!BEER all around! 🍺🍻

26.08.2019 14:46

Hey @beerlover @detlev ... seems someone has been sampling too much of their own stock at the brewery and suffering a severe hangover ... i.e. seems !BEER has been down for a day or so now.

25.08.2019 11:49

I am happy to see so many small one's do count and can make it big!

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25.08.2019 18:58