Fox news fires Trey Gowdy after he joins Trump legal team

I have a lot of respect for Trey Gowdy. When he was a Representative for South Carolina (our next door neighbors) I really enjoyed the way that he carried himself during the debates they would have in the house and any time he participated in any sort of inquiry I felt inspired by the poignant way that he carried himself.


In every election he absolutely dominated his opponents from the 2010 runoff to his last election in 2016 which would be the last time he would run. Of course there was that one time that his only opponent was a Libertarian and I was on the fence about who I would support in that situation, but in the end I felt like Gowdy was one of the few people in the House that didn't play the partisan game and would actually look at issues on their own merits rather than just towing the party line.

As a consequence he received a lot of critcizm from his own party and even later from Trump himself. This didn't stop him from absolutely trouncing his opponents in his last election in 2016.


He announced after winning this election that he would not seek another term stating that in politics, it is all about winning, not about what is right and wrong.

“There is a time to come and a time to go. This is the right time, for me, to leave politics and return to the justice system,” he said when announcing his decision.

“Whatever skills I may have are better utilized in a courtroom than in Congress, and I enjoy our justice system more than our political system."

When he was employed as a political correspondent by Fox News it didn't really surprise me and I was happy to see that they were going to have someone on their team that while they are conservative, they don't just automatically defend anything that is a conservative notion. His hair looked ridiculous as he struggled to hide the fact that he has a receding hairline like most men his age, but his commentary, as short-lived as it was, was appreciated.

On Wednesday, Fox announced that Trey Gowdy would no longer be working with their news team because his decision to join the Trump campaign as outside council into the ongoing legal aspects of whatever the hell you can call this mess of an election was a "conflict of interest." I don't even know in what capacity he is going to be involved because you can't trust any of the news these days... some networks are saying he is fighting the impeachment process and others say he is working as outside council in lawsuits surrounding the irregularities and suspicions of fraud in key swing states.

To be honest with you I don't really care in what capacity Mr. Gowdy is joining but I do know that if I needed legal council and Gowdy was available to me, I would definitely want it.


Well here is what conservatives really think about you Fox News. We always knew that you were a conservative network that primarily functioned as the "ying'to CNN/MSNBC/everyone else's "yang" and that seems to be changing. This is something I also can not understand since Fox perpetually dominates the ratings as far as 24-hour news stations are concerned.

Fox is doing a good job of shooting themselves in the foot in a time when trust in the media is already at an all time low. They basically only have Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity left as far as a draw is concerned over there and if one of those guys were to leave, Fox could be facing a really big crisis and they are aware of this. They recently hired a public relations team to figure out how to stop the drop in viewership.

I have a suggestion: Stop firing people that your viewers like and I dunno, maybe tell both sides of the story every now and then. Gowdy did about as good a job of that as anyone for that network could be stated as doing and now they got rid of him. Well, good luck!

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Agreed. FOX has become controlled opposition. Now only Newsmax is speaking for conservatives. Interesting times for sure.

13.11.2020 18:45

They are going to suffer because of this because what you have written above is quickly becoming the conservative opinion almost across the board. If they were to lose Tucker or Hannity we could see them drop from their number 1 spot very rapidly.

15.11.2020 05:07