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Investing in BEDCOIN: An industry overview
Cryptocurrencies and digital assets are here to stay and will continue to impact the lives of an ever-increasing number of people and companies. The top ten cryptocurrency add up to a market capitalization of roughly $100 billion, with Bitcoin taking the lead at $60 billion market cap. We’re witnessing the rise of an astonishing emerging market, set to take by storm the way we think about money and currency, a market which has only recently started being represented in world financial news outlets. We are currently at grassroots level and will be lucky enough to witness the amazing development and ramifications of this new technology.

Business description
Bedcoin: The digital cryptocurrency institution that will share investment revenue with the Bedcoin investors
The cryptocurrency will be backed by investing the crowdfunded-obtained capital. Digital tokens will be sold to the public, making the holders investors in the Real Estate and Accommodation Projects planned to be developed with the funds.

Bedcoin’s mother company headquarters is located in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Financial summary
Bedcoin: The $500 billion Real Estate cryptocurrency project
Having originally issued 500 billion tokens, Bedcoin aims to sell the tokens at a price of €1/unit, with the intent of maintaining the market capitalization of the token at €500 billion for the next 2 to 10 years of existence.

Target customers
The global online markets

Transaction structure for individuals and institutional investors
Individuals can acquire Bedcoins from the official platform. Bedcoin managing body is open to discussing strategic partnerships with institutional investors. Visit the platform to purchase Bedcoin and take advantage of this unique asset and special deals, while we move closer to the Initial Coin Offering.

The first cryptocurrency asset backed by Real Estate, a change in paradigm since the gold standard, an idea set to disrupt and innovate the Real Estate and Accommodation markets and facilitate investments into this vast and global market.
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