The country culture challenge for Nigerians and other Africans.

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How much do you like your culture? As they say, culture is a way of life. Every interested Nigerian is obliged to make a chronological display of entry as this contest kicks. Nigeria is a home that houses different ethnic groups, tribes, and social groups. There are more than 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria. We have the Hausas, Igbos, Yorubas, and a host of others, but these are the three major languages that dominate the country.ย 
Culture encompasses many areas like the way we dress, the food we eat, our language, festivals, traditional belief, type of music, and so on. It is also believed that culture affects behaviour. In Nigeria, the Igbos are known to like money (Who no like moni?). The Yorubas are labeled as deceitful (Awolowo caused it, but what can the Yorubas do?). The Hausas are known for their illiteracy (To a degree). Can all these be attached to the difference in culture?

Now the cultural country challenge contest

@steemitblog made a post some days ago about a cultural contest that would start by October.ย Before then, we need to have representatives from our region, so this brings us to tabling this contest to select the best to represent us at the front line.

There are Five Challenge Categories as mentioned in the post by @steemitblog here. The Country Culture Challenge will be looking for entries in five different categories...

  • Art - original artwork in any visual media
  • Craft - anything from crochet to woodwork, and everything in-between
  • Creative Writing - short story or poetry
  • Music - original composition, or a cover of music from your country
  • Photography - original photographs taken in your country.

These are the areas where we are going to be looking at. Let's start submitting entries.

  • If you are crafty, let's see what you can do.
  • Are you an artist, let people see your excellent artwork
  • Do you have a unique voice for traditional music, or you can do your composition, let people go gaga listening to your voice
  • Snap your way to the top with pictures from different parts of Nigeria. It's all about being creative
  • All steemian are content creators. If you can write creatively, jump in, and start pumping.

Examples of creative writing you can choose from

Poem: We all know what a poem is. TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR.
Scriptwriting: If you can write a playlet, just like a short play or dramatic piece, you are welcome.
Poetry: It's imaginative writing ranging from narrative to lyrical and language. Language poetry would be preferable, but it can be displayed in English. Google translate won't bring out the original meaning, so you are the only one that can use the right word that would attract the attention of readers. Check books written by OLA ROTIMI, WOLE SOYINKA, and CHINUA ACHEBE for inspiration.
Essay: We all know how to argue. Essay writing is another way to show creativity. Come up with fantastic topics and defend your points in a balanced manner. Also, there are narrative and descriptive essays. Fill into where you can make waves.
Comic Strips: Creating comics is also part of creativity. check here to download free comic creator app

Rules of the contest

  • No plagiarism. Real and original content is highly wanted. This is a global challenge, and we are picking the best from our country to represent us, so please, don't go as far as not being real. It would affect us and we might fall like a bag of Rice.
  • Use the tag #nigeriacreativity, and drop the link to your post in the comment section.
  • Post on any Nigerian community. Any post coming from another community apart from SteemAfrica, SteemAlive, and STEEMNIGERIA will not be counted.
  • This contest runs till October 3rd. Please make sure to drop your entry on or before the date.
  • I had to edit when @nattybongo asked a question in the comment section. We have some African countries with limited steemians and they should not be left out in the challenge. All Africans can participate. We would nominate anyone picked on behalf of their country in the culture challenge.

NOTE: Every participant with reasonable content will get two steem each (If we have 50 participants with good contents, 100 steem would be distributed) with a reasonable vote from the @steemcurator04 account, and @steemcurator01 or @steemcurator02 might visit posts as they always do.

@focusnow and I would be scrutinizing posts and selecting the best ones. Let the initiative begin.

Join the Steem Africa whatsapp group and the
Steem Africa discord server. You are mostly welcome.

You can follow my curation trail via this link
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Thanks for reading.

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This is so nice!!!
What to do if you can sing and write? Should one make 2 different posts on each?

Anyways, expect my entry @beautychicks


26.09.2020 17:49

Yea, you can make more that one entry. Just make sure you post the link together in one place. If you post one first , you can edit your comment and add other entries. Would love to see diff categories. Thanks for coming around. Expecting your entries.

26.09.2020 18:19

Thank you ma'am ๐Ÿ˜˜


26.09.2020 19:21

You are very much welcome ma.

26.09.2020 21:35

Wow @beautychicks and @focusnow, this is cute.
I am in.

26.09.2020 17:51

You are welcome @talktofaith. Would be expecting your entry/entries.

26.09.2020 18:21

This is a nice initiative @beautychicks, it will get your ready for the upcoming days. Just to be certain this is strictly for only nigerians right?

26.09.2020 18:25

I think I need to edit it for other Africans to participate.

26.09.2020 21:28

Yes it would be great especially since it is in the African community that way it prepares us all for what is about to come, Iโ€™d love to record some patriotic songs with my keyboard.

27.09.2020 08:47

@beautychicks (65) great idea,great minds, i love that

26.09.2020 18:37

Thanks @jacci. ๐Ÿ˜€

26.09.2020 21:33

These is a great initiave here, so engaging and enlightening. Kudos to @beautychicks and @focusnow.
LIke you said, we just need to post once on either SteemAfrica, SteemAlive or STEEMNIGERIA right?

We should also post the link on the comment section of these post right?

onepercent #nigeria #affable

27.09.2020 09:12

You can post more than once, but on different category, and yes! You can use any of the stated communities. Thanks for the comment.

27.09.2020 12:40

Ok thanks.

28.09.2020 22:19

Thanks for the entry.

27.09.2020 12:42

You are welcome, thanks to you @beautychick as well.

onepercent #nigeria #affable

28.09.2020 21:58

Great initiative. Thanks for organizing this contest.

27.09.2020 16:17
27.09.2020 16:51

Unfortunately, most African are not proud of their culture, preferring the Americas and Europeans!!

Very pathetic Indeed!!

27.09.2020 23:12

Thank you for putting this together. And thanks for making it available to all africans. I'm getting good vibes about this ๐Ÿ˜Œ.

27.09.2020 23:52

hi im new here can i still make an entry

28.09.2020 13:54

You are very much welcome. You can drop your entry. (@beautychicks)

28.09.2020 14:08

thanks for your participation. Watch out for the selections as soon as the contest is over. You are highly appreciated.

28.09.2020 21:55

Hello beautychicks, i am very happy to participate in this contest. Below is my entry

My Entry

Please the post is somehow lengthy, but patiently go through it. Thanks for this initiative.

01.10.2020 22:21

Thanks for participating. No matter how lenghty, it's a must read. Regards.

02.10.2020 08:47

thank you very much.

02.10.2020 09:04

this is very interesting woah Nigeria culture I fall in love more

11.10.2020 13:49

this is very interesting woah Nigeria culture I fall in love more

11.10.2020 13:52