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It's been a while so disclaimer this is gonna be a long winded one with heaps of pics. But good news is most of them are collages so they shouldn't take too long to load.

As of today I'm at 39 weeks and I'm expecting bub any day/time now.

The last few weeks (and days) have been full on and very busy. Between the baby shower, my birthday and getting baby ready I've been non stop which has been tiring but good because I haven't had time to stress about labour.

But at the same time I haven't had time to blog either so here's a recap of the last couple of weeks....

The Baby Shower

I didn't have one of those showers where there were heaps of games. Instead I opted to do crafts and have a Nappy Raffle mainly because I wanted to try different brands/types of nappies and hoped I would get a few different size packets from everyone ~ which I kinda did.

Even though I was fairly organised gathering the elements of the raffle prize weeks ahead it was ultimately the custom tile coasters that set me back.


I didn't realise sticking the cork back was going to be problematic but it was. I thought glue gun would do the trick but ultimately it was adhesive spray that saved the day just 2 days before the shower no less



The baby shower reminded me a lot of the @teamaustralia Christmas Party last year especially with the weather, except this time around I was more relaxed and actually had more time to prep and get food ready the day before.


Which didn't mean I wasn't up til midnight the night before blowing up balloons and trying to figure out how to do a balloon garland.


Then up early the next day finalising all the signage and thank you cards for the thank you boxes..


Unfortunately I don't have many pics of the food spread or the cake or much of the shower itself because once everyone arrived I spent most of my time catching up with everyone.

Hubby did manage to take heaps of photos so I might have to do another post just on the baby shower later on.

The crafts instead of games idea worked out well! I knew my people we a creative bunch but didn't imagine they'd jump right in.

Here's a photo of all the headbands and pacifier clips everyone made for bub.


Another thing I did was books instead of cards. Dont get me wrong I love cards and have kept every card I've ever received but I thought it'd be great to have a little collection of books for bub. To read them and say that book was from Auntie .....


My Birthday

I deliberately set the date for the shower to be 2 days before my birthday :) I figured I can quietly have a shower/birthday party without anyone except my immediate family knowing about it.

The day after the shower Hubby took me out for a surprise lunch at the new Italian place up the road.

Not pictured is the pizza we ordered but ended up taking away because we over ordered and could barely walk out at the end of our little feast.


On my actual birthday Mother Nature gifted me with plants.

After months of failing to grow dahlias, bergamots, coriander etc from seeds finally on my birthday I went to check the garden to find everything growing.



Coffee at my lookout spot in the garden was followed by a trip down the mountain to buy thread and fabric to go with the new sewing machine my MIL gave me for my birthday.


My birthday was topped off with left over party food including the pear, parmesan and rocket wrapped in prosciutto drizzled with balsamic vinegar I didn't have time to make for the baby shower.


Sewing Adventures


It shouldn't come as a surprise to you guys that sewing is now my new thing.

I learned how to use a sewing machine in high school and that was that pretty much. Mum has a sewing machine and I think I used it once or twice over the years but I never really took to textiles.

I did want to make a cover for the cot rail for bub for when she's teething, which is where the sewing machine came into play. I tried to borrow my MIL's one and next thing I know she bought me my own 😱

Now that I have my own machine I might as well try my hand at making baby clothes right? I mean why limit myself to a teething guard for the cot?

Next thing you know I'm on a roll..

Here's the first dress I ever made. I was so excited I had to show my cat and get his opinion.


The second dress I made with the felt flowers I also made as embellishments for the headbands/pacifier clips.


For my third try I thought I'd get a bit more ambitious with a pinafore.


I'm actually stuck on this one because I'm trying to figure out how to add the elastic or if I need to add the elastic.

I've been making my own patterns and trying to "reverse engineer" designs using clothes we already have and pics on the internet so I'm not 100% on sizing lol so you know.... Total newbie.. But I'm sure I'll figure out the details later on.

Labour Prep

The sewing has taken a back seat to labour prep.

With only weeks, maybe even just days to go I really needed to get my arse in gear and finalise my prep.

Having a home birth, I've come to realise, although for me, is a much better option in terms of comfort, it also includes a lot more work getting everything together.

Like organising the birthing space, having bub's various things ready like her changing table and bassinet ready.


The birthing supply shelf complete with birthing pool supplies, sheets, towels, snacks, first aid kit etc


Then there's prepping the boobie cream made of organic almond, macadamia, coconut and calendula.

Along with making homemade baby wipes and stage 1 and 2 of labour essential oil mixes for the diffuser and burners I have set up around the house.


Then there's the lactation energy bites.


Then there's the emergency bag just in case.


And of course my birthing plan...


Right now

So this is me right now chilling on one of our newly acquired massage chairs writing up what could be my last blog before I pop.


There's a couple more things I want to do today like making my own moby wrap and mixing up my electrolytes drink for labour before my midwife arrives with the birthing pool this afternoon.

After all that is done I can definitely say I'm ready for bub. Actually I've been getting pains while writing this blog so you know....... I could pop any time now!!!

Hope ya'll have been good and well.



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Baaaaaaby baby baby! I have been thinking of you. I am glad everything is in place for the final countdown. So exciting!

16.10.2019 03:15

Been thinking of you too!!! You ready to head down under soon?!

Yep all ready. Just finished making my electrolyte drink, even did my condom frozen balloons (apparently great for the perineum after labour). About to make my moby wrap now.

16.10.2019 03:52

Congrats @bearone! I like the way you snuck in your birthday. Hope all goes well.
@tipu curate

16.10.2019 03:16
16.10.2019 03:16

Thanks @summertooth!! Hope alls been well with you!

16.10.2019 03:53

Omg good luck girl!!! I am so excited for you I dunno what to say!!!

16.10.2019 07:38

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16.10.2019 10:35

How are we looking? Thinking of you guys xx

16.10.2019 12:39

Hello lovely <3 it's been too long and pretty much my fault, I can't believe you're almost ready to pop!

Not to mention you sound crazy busy with everything ^^.

Hope all goes well and to your plan, the labour will be over before you know it and you will have an awesome little bubba - speak soon and much love <3

16.10.2019 16:35

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16.10.2019 18:16

This all looks amazing Arly.

18.10.2019 03:21

Omg as usual you are amazing at throwing parties and such hard and thoughtful work you did in all the preparations!! Such an organised mama! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» so excited for what’s to come! Praying for it to all be safe and smooth! And rest up!!!

22.10.2019 08:44