Restricted Internet: The Most Important Issue Facing the World Today is Being Censored

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Did you know that if Google doesn’t like your content, they can just remove it from search results?

Your website can be the #1 result for a specific, high-competition keyword one day…and disappear the next.

Don’t believe it? It already happened to one prolific and credible content creator:

The Preeminent Source for All Things Climate Engineering

“Geoengineering is the most critical and dire issue we face short of nuclear cataclysm”
– Dane Wigington

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What is climate engineering? In short, it is the intentional manipulation of Earth’s weather systems. The technology to do so has existed for 70 years, according to official government and military documents.

Climate engineering programs have been ongoing since the end of WW II and have increased in amplitude in recent years. The terms “global warming” and “climate change,” although describing something real, have also been used as a distraction from the real factor most directly impacting severe weather events and the ongoing collapse of the climate: climate engineering (other anthropogenic activities also decimate the Earth, but no single factor has as large an impact as climate engineering).

Here are some videos that answer some of the most commonly asked questions about geoengineering:

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The greatest lie ever perpetrated on world populations is that the particulate trails we see in our skies are just “condensation” from jet engines. We have undeniable proof that this isn’t the case at all.

Solar radiation management is the most visible and obvious form of geoengineering. It involves spraying large amounts of particulate material into the atmosphere for the purpose of blocking the sun.

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The fallout from these programs is toxic beyond measure. Nano particulates of aluminum, barium, and strontium, among others, have been discovered in certified lab tests of precipitation from around the globe. These particles contaminate every breath we take. Right now, you are inhaling toxic fallout from these programs.

This year, 2019, was the year that mainstream publications began mentioning geoengineering quite often. They insist it’s only a proposal that “might” be needed in case the climate fails. And after reading ridiculous articles that claim what is real and ongoing hasn’t really been happening, people might search for terms like “geoengineering.”

Photo by Stephan Seeber from Pexels

And in past years, they would have found the website with ease. But now, if they use Google, they will never come across the site (that’s why it’s important to use alternative search engines that maintain privacy and don’t censor as much information, like DuckDuckGo, Swiss Cows, and others).

Google Deletes From Search Results for “Geoengineering”

If you search Google for “geoengineering,” the GeoengineeringWatch website will not appear on the first ten pages of results. It’s just gone.

The site still has excellent domain authority, a high number of backlinks, and publishes regular high-value content that gets large amounts of engagement. By all SEO metrics, the site was #1 for related search terms for good reason.

Content marketing experts often talk about the most recent changes to Google’s algorithm and how that should inform content creation. But few (if any) acknowledge the fact that none of that matters if Google decides it doesn’t like you.

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You can be the most credible and dominant source on an important issue of immense complexity…until Google wants you deleted from cyberspace.

This is a tragedy and can’t be allowed to continue. That’s why I’m publishing this here, only on Steemit, where I know the content will remain safe and can have a chance to thrive.

Please Support the Cause by Helping Spread the Word

I know that Steemit is home to many who are already awake and aware to many critical issues facing our world today. I ask that you please research the topic of global climate engineering operations and do all you can to spread awareness of it.

We have to reach a critical mass of awareness so the programs can be halted before all is lost.

Already, our health and the health of the planet have taken near-lethal amounts of damage from anthropogenic pollution of all kinds, not only climate engineering. But climate engineering is the single greatest cause of biosphere destruction and the heavy metal/polymer particulate fallout is the most unavoidable threat to human health (along with plant, animal, and insect health as well).

There are peer-reviewed studies linking the inhalation of aluminum to a long list of neurological diseases, including dementia/Alzheimer’s.

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There’s also a direct link to the mass die-off of honeybees. In China, they are now pollinating plants by hand, because there are so few bees.

We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history. Will you sit back and watch it happen? Or will you do all you can to help salvage what remains of Earth’s life support systems?


My presence online is directly tied to my business, so I don’t often create content that covers anything remotely controversial. But when I saw this contest by @upmewhale and how popular it was becoming, I decided to take a chance and seize the opportunity to get the word out about this all-important subject.

I’m a writer/blogger/journalist at heart, so now and then I can’t help but write about something I believe needs coverage. The vast majority of my content is strictly professional, and even when branching out into non-business-related topics, I cite credible data from credible sources.

Everything said here can be verified. Nothing has been embellished.

Thanks for reading. Please re-steem to spread the word.

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