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Profits Over People: A History of Big Pharma/Chemical/Agriculture Cover Ups

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We have all seen the memes mocking those who question the safety of pharmaceutical products as crazy & "anti-science"

Can we really afford to trust Big Pharma & our regulatory agencies that much?

Do they have a history of putting profits over the lives of the public?


This issue is especially prevalent right now given the recent launch of the documentary

"Vaxxed II"

Which mainly focuses on the testimony of parents of children that have been permanently disabled immediately following injections.

They've been ridiculed and laughed at, why?

Well obviously because there's NO WAY Big Pharma, the CDC, and EPA could be lying about the risks associated with their products, right?

Interesting question:

Has our media, regulatory agencies & pharma ever colluded to cover up the deaths of thousands in the name of profit??

Well, the answer to that is yes.

Many, many, MANY times over YES.

In this article, we'll be covering the

  • Vioxx scandal
  • Opioid Crisis
  • Glyphosate Cancer coverup
  • Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
  • Pluserix/Trivirix MMR vaccine tragedy
  • CDC Whistleblowers

And much more.

Won't start with Vaccines because most are too far indoctrinated with the billions of dollars of propaganda produced on the subject

Let's start with a simple premise

If Big Pharma spent millions creating & advertising a drug that turned out to be dangerous, would they tell you?


In 1999, Pharmaceutical giant Merck releases a new painkiller product


And regardless of the fact that their initial study shows double the risk for heart problem-related death, they refuse to pull the drug from shelves for


The results are catastrophic



Despite many calls for further cardiovascular studies, Merck refuses.

It's estimated that over 20 MILLION Americans took Viox.

88,000 suffered heart attacks.

38,000 DIED

The typical Vioxx user was elderly, so it is unknown how many really died. Some estimates reach 500,000.


How could this happen in America?

How could the FDA approve this drug and leave it on the market??

How come the media didn't warn us about this and save thousands of innocent lives?

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Pharma spends more money advertising than on R&D


This means that it is absolutely NOT in the interest of our extremely centralized 6 media companies' interest to cover anything that would threaten Pharma's bottom line.

Much like how they promote endless war for the military-industrial complex & ignore Elite pedos like Epstein.



How else did Merck manage to keep collecting their blood money for 5 years uninterrupted?

Well, mainly by creating a blacklist of any doctor that was speaking out against the risks (sound familiar?)

If you were a doctor, would you ruin your career to be a hero?

I doubt it.



"But Mr. Tang! Surely our government can still be trusted to protect us, this must be a fluke! Our system is based on incorruptible SCIENCE"

Well thats where youre wrong Mr. Strawman

To explore how the Big Pharma/Gov relationship REALLY works, lets check out the Opioid Crisis



While the media runs 24/7 stories about Measles (which has killed 1 person in the US in the last 15 years), over 47,000 US people died from Opioids in 2017 alone.

Big Pharma is currently being sued in courts around the country for it

How did they get away with it for so long?



While the answer is multi-faceted, I think it's best to start with the fact that Big Pharma spends more money lobbying congress than ANY OTHER INDUSTRY

Over $2.5 Billion over the last decade.

A great way to make sure no one in government says anything that might piss you off



HmM well, this leads us to the last leg of this criminal, colluding, blood money-sucking structure


Surely we can trust them to provide tough/unbiased oversight of our food & drug corporations, right?

It's not like they're both run by literally the same people, RIGHT??



This concept of there being a "Revolving door" between regulatory agencies and the corporations they supposedly "regulate" is nothing new.

Essentially, while working for the FDA, the food and drug companies bid on the employees and offer them lucrative jobs after their tenure


This, of course, incentivizes the men and women of the FDA to make sure to keep big pharma and big agriculture happy, as to not jeopardize their cushy future jobs.

One of the most obvious examples of this has to do with Monsanto and their Glyphosate-based "Roundup" Pesticide


For years, international health organizations warned that the extremely harsh pesticide made by Monsanto "Round-Up" had serious health effects

The company and the FDA continued to insist nothing was wrong until in 2018 a landmark court case ruled in favor of a California man


Round-Up was found to be cancerous

Meanwhile, traces of its active agent Glyphosate can be found everywhere from baby food to Cheerios

Why were they allowed to operate for so long undisturbed?

Might have something to do with Obama appointing Monsanto's Ex-VP as head of the FDA




So let's recap:

  • Big Pharma: Loves blood money, will smear doctors trying to blow whistle
  • Congress: took $2.5B from Pharma this decade
  • FDA: run by future/ex-employees of those corporations they regulate
  • The US Public: life span dropping, more sickly than ever before.

So now that we've established the players and how the game works, we can clearly see

"scientific evidence"



Are at the absolute bottom of this disgustingly corrupt cabals list of objectives.

Profit is king, and they will do anything to keep the charade going.

And now, what we've ALL been waiting for, the ultimate in taboo:

The infallible, the 1000% safe & necessary, the soon to be completely mandatory by threat of imprisonment and ex-communication from civilization itself:


Brace yourselves normies, this is gonna be rough.

Here's what Im NOT saying:

  • all vaccines are dangerous/useless

Heres what I AM saying:

  • there are well documented cases of horrific damage caused by various vaccines that have been criminally covered up

We need to be honest about risks & raise the standards in the industry

Alright, so lets start by covering some basics about the industry that might surprise you:

Say a vaccine DOES happen to be harmful and causes significant damage to a child?

Is Pharma company even liable? Can they be sued as they have been for other malpractice?

Since 1988, NO


Secondly, people seem to be under the impression that there is 0 risk whatsoever associated with vaccination:

Also completely false.

In fact, there's an entire government fund set up to compensate the victims of said damage that has paid out over $4 BILLION dollars


This, of course, does not even BEGIN to describe the total possible victims of malpractice in this area.

It is especially difficult to prove direct developmental vaccine damage in court as the CDC's vaccination schedule calls for many vaccines before a child can talk.

Now, possibly the most alarming standard in the vaccine industry is the fact that the standard "double-blind placebo" testing is not required.

This means the gold standard of scientific medical testing is thrown to the wind.

This is allowed as the CDC labels vaccines biologics

What other evidence can we find that profit incentives may have encouraged an increasing risk tolerance/negligence?

Well for one, after the no liability law was passed, the number of CDC recommended vaccines EXPLODED

From 24 doses in 1983 to 72 today


The question still remains:

Has there ever been a case of a dangerous vaccine being released? And how did the Pharmaceutical industry and their bought and paid for government officials handle it?


And horrifically. With absolutely 0 regard for the safety of children.


Let's go back to 1986, the exact same time the vaccine liability exception was being passed in the US.

Glaxo company Smith Kline releases their


MMR vaccine in Canada. In 1988 it was pulled from use as it was found to be extremely dangerous

So what happened next?

It was permanently shelved and the company punished right?


It was promptly renamed


And was released 2 years later in Britain where it caused THE EXACT SAME HORRIFIC DAMAGE TO THE CHILDREN INJECTED

Trivirix would continue to be sold and injected into young children in Britain until 1992

But surely, the British government couldn't have known about these adverse side effects right??

Actually, thanks to a freedom of information act request, we now know for sure that THEY DID


But that's just Britain, right?

Not like the US would ever participate in something so gruesome...

Let's explore the history of the CDC and one of their most infamous projects:

The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment


Over the course of 40 years, the CDC allowed hundreds of Alabama black men, women and children to be infected with syphilis and refused to offer them treatment

This program was only stopped in 1972 because of a whistleblower and the following congressional investigation


Believe it or not, no significant changes to the CDCs code of ethics were made after this scandal.

Let's fast forward to another, more relevant and recent CDC study, with yet ANOTHER whistleblower

Unfortunately, THIS 2014 whistleblower has been largely ignored & smeared


In 2004 the CDC conducted a study on Merck's (remember them?) MMR vaccine

While the team claimed no link to autism, in 2014, Dr. William S. Thompson a senior epidemiologist at the CDC who co-authored the study came forward claiming they hid important information

Luckily he saved all the documentation that the team destroyed.

Below is a 2004 letter sent by Dr. Thompson to the then CDC director Dr. Julie Gerberding about the team hiding evidence

In 2014, Dr. Gerberding had already been hired by Merck as their EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT


Once agaim we see how the revolving door operates.

The CDC conducts favorable studies, the director is rewarded with a cushy job later

To this day, Dr. Thompson's information and testimony has been largely ignored amd his reputation destroyed

This shit is extremely painful to write about so I'm gonna wrap it up here.

In conclusion, I believe we need to be more skepital about EVERYTHING the CDC/FDA/Big Pharma tells us as they have proven time and time again to be untrustworthy

We need to raise our standards

As tempting as it is to go along with the memes and ridicule the mothers of permanently damaged children, we need to listen to them and take them seriously.

We need to carefully scrutinize every part of the vaccination process and see if theres anyway we can reduce damage risk.

We need to push for laws banning the revolving door between corporations and the regulatory agencies

We need more independent media not beholden to pharma advertising money

We need to stop electing politicians that accept huge Pharma donations

We need to take our power back.

Peace, Love, Anarchy,

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