Todays Giveaway Super Series!


It's Friday! Lets celebrate and make this day awesome with a series of giveaways!

Today's Giveaway Super Series will be a 3 part giveaway with 2 taking place in our Battlegames Discord, and 1 in the Neoxian City Discord.

Splinterlands UNTAMED is nearly here, exciting times! Today we'll giveaway 2 Untamed Packs and 1 Beta Booster pack along with a handful of other prizes.

Here's today's giveaway schedule:

  • Giveaway #1 - Battlegames Discord - 11am EST
  • Giveaway #2 - Neoxian City Discord - 1pm EST
  • Giveaway #1 - Battlegames Discord - 3pm EST

Join our Discord, so you dont miss out on the action!

-See you on the battlefield.

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What I have to do?

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25.10.2019 15:53

Thanks for joining the Discord! Always nice to see new faces!

25.10.2019 19:16

Today we gave out UNTAMED packs, BETA Booster Pack, TARUKS, ROR, KFQ, DEC, BATTLE, NEOXAG, and 100% Upvotes from our main Battlegames account!

Thanks to everyone that participated! 🔥

25.10.2019 19:20