The Battlegames SP Delegation Drive


Help us boost our SP!

The Battlegames project is currently voting on your posts and curating with our staked bags of BATTLE, NEOXAG, and SPT. In addition to this we are slowly building our bags of PAL, JJM, ZZAN, and MARLIANS.

An SP delegation to our project would go a long ways in allowing us to increase the value of our vote and curation earnings. All earnings stay within our account to support STEEM gaming communities.

50 SP | 100 SP | 150 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP

Over the few short month since our inception we've demonstrated our commitment to being an open and engaging community, with a priority on supporting gamers, content creators and game developers! These past months have been about building relationships, and being consistent with our actions and intentions as a reliable and trust worthy community member. Here's looking forward to many more!

Over the course of the next 60 days we'll be including our delegation links in our posts. Much thanks 🙏 for your consideration. See you on the battlefield!

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20.09.2019 00:41

I just pulled 400 sp back from another delegation. When I get it back I will delegate a portion to battlegames.

20.09.2019 04:34

Appreciate the support @dkid14 🙌

20.09.2019 16:50

Delegated 350 sp for now!!!

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25.09.2019 04:52

Awesome, thank you! 🙏

25.09.2019 17:10

i delegated 50 SP! It's not a huge quantity but hope to help :)

20.09.2019 19:15

@wiriwiri Thank you, definitely helps my man, thanks for the support!

22.09.2019 21:41

Here is a 100% Marlians Upvote to grow your Marlians holdings. Perhaps you can also contact @surpassinggoogle if you want to collab with the Marlians community. Anyway are SP delegators rewarded with Battle Tokens?

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22.09.2019 11:06

Hey @ankarlie very cool, and much appreciated! We try to cross promote to Marlians as often as possible. I know there's gamers over there! We aren't awarding BATTLE to SP delegators at this time. We're simply rewarding our content creators with a more powerful upvote and benefiting from increased curation earnings which are put towards community initiatives.. Keeping it simple for now.

22.09.2019 21:49

Oh Okay thanks for the clarification. 😍

23.09.2019 09:26

I am now delegating 50 SP for now because I still want to keep my minnow status and keep myself over 500 active sp, but soon I will probably up the delegation, since I love the battlegames community, and would love to support it by any way possible.

22.09.2019 15:23

@tsnaks Thank you, every little bit helps, BATTLE on my friend!

22.09.2019 21:43

greetings @battlegames

excelent notice

thank you

23.09.2019 20:28