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It's time to fine tune our Battle Token smart contract.

After nearly a month of magnificent existence we're taking a close look at how our smart contract and platforms are functioning. In project management terms this is the Performance and Control phase. We have collected data and are ready to implement a couple of changes to position us for success!

Starting August 1, 2019 we will be making adjustments to our Inflation Pool, bringing our rate of inflation down to 16% of total token supply.

What does this mean for content creators?

There will be a fairly significant impact to the amount of tokens rewarded to posts, as we'll see a reduction in the overall number of tokens issued on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. On the plus side of the equation we'll have increased scarcity, and we can expect our tokens will hold more value long term into the future. We anticipate the amount of rewards will be similar to what we see with the PalNet community in terms of the amount of users vs the amount of tokens issued into the rewards pool. The big difference being with PalNet only 75% of this pool reaches content creators and curators as they have significant rewards going to other activities and accounts such as miners.


Our Inflation Pool is 100% Proof of Brain! The entire rewards pool is issued to creators and curators. We have NO mining activities, as this does not add value to our network.

Our approach aims to find a sweet balance in creating enough rewards to allow our content creators and curators to earn, while maintaining enough scarcity for our tokens to hold value long term.

We're thinking about the future, and this adjustment positions us for success! It's part of a 10 year plan, starting August 1st we'll bring inflation to 16%. Then we'll set our smart contract to decrease the rate of inflation gradually down to 5% over the course of 10 years where it will stay indefinitely.

No changes to how Author and Curator rewards are calculated.

This portion of our smart contract will remain untouched. You can vote on content as soon as it's published, no waiting 15 minutes like steemit. In fact the sooner you vote, the more you will earn! In addition to this, curation rewards are not weighted towards those with larger amounts of stake like we see with other platforms such as PAL, GG, SPT and others. All curators large and small have an equal opportunity to earn!


Alright, let's do this! Here's to moving forward together with optimism, courage, and a vision!

See you on the battlefield.

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Sounds Good to Me @battlegames

31.07.2019 13:36

Thanks for the support! πŸ”₯

31.07.2019 17:18

Greetings, @battlegames

Excelent decision!! Thank you for share with us!!! I will follow you and be part of Battlegames at this 10 walk years :D

battle games.png

31.07.2019 13:46

Glad to have you on our journey πŸ”₯

31.07.2019 17:18

This looks pretty good, I support them 100%.

31.07.2019 13:48

Thanks! Appreciate the support, it's time to level up!πŸ”₯

31.07.2019 17:19

All interesting changes. ...

I always thought the amount of BATTLE being awarded daily seemed to be on the high side. I have no clue the impact of such a change but on the surface it looks to be pushed in the right direction to help increase the value of the BATTLE Token.

I look at BATTLE as being in its BETA phase so I expect adjustments along the way as should everyone else.

I look forward to seeing what this change brings.

spt #palnet #neoxian #gaming

31.07.2019 13:58

We're growing up so fast!! πŸ”₯ But it's time to make BATTLE token an ELITE token on this chain!

31.07.2019 17:16

It’s awesome to see this.
Stability and the value for battle token I feel is very important.
The one of the many reasons Steem is overlooked I feel is due to the drop in price and loss of tether to bitcoin.
Down the track this could work in our favour.
But unfortunately for now it is working against us.

Great to see that battle is making these adjustments.

Have an awesome day!

31.07.2019 14:09

Stability and scarcity, our friends! πŸ”₯

31.07.2019 17:18

31.07.2019 15:15

Time to introduce scarcity! πŸ”₯

31.07.2019 17:20

BATTLE Token has been one of the best investments I've done. I've basically doubled my investment with just earning tokens by posting and then there are the other rewards for HODL. Keep developing these amazing things. We are vey grateful :)

31.07.2019 15:21

Awesome, and thank you for adding value to our network πŸ”₯

31.07.2019 17:17

it's a wise decision and in good time!

31.07.2019 15:26

Next level maneuver my friend πŸ”₯

31.07.2019 17:19

Great decision, the sooner you get it under control the better. Glad to be a part of this community.

31.07.2019 16:48

Exactly! Plan, launch, measure and evaluate, and adjust! πŸ”₯ We're ready to go the next level!

31.07.2019 20:28

From an economical point of view it makes sense. Even if I will not get fast to 2000 Battle by posting (which was my target) I might buy before the price increases. Especially if the giveaways require a certain stake. I think it is a very good move.

31.07.2019 20:15

A great move to boost the long term value and benefit us all overall. As much as those high rewards were nice, sustainability and growth through proper inflation and rewards is key and I am in for the long run as BattleGames was the first gaming tribe for me (since I hadn't heard of SteemAce until a weekish later).

31.07.2019 21:24

This sounds awesome @battlegames , looking forward to moving forward, lol!! So glad I am staking all those Awesome BATTLE NOW!!

31.07.2019 22:23

this is great ... the initiative would really bring more value to the token. are you guys starting to plan for SMT roll out yet as well ?

02.08.2019 05:16

@battlegames, Awesome, and i really liked the point of idea behind not having any Mining Token Mechanism and inturn making this Ecosystem all into participation. Keep up team and keep growing.

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02.08.2019 12:43