Robot Wars [Discord Game] 2x GEMS Event!


Robot Wars 2x GEMS Event is Here!

For the next 24 hours earn 2x GEMS when you win a Robot Wars match!


How To Participate:

  • Step 1 Visit our #robot-wars Discord channel and type //b to display your in-game wallet balance. Or if you are brand new type //dp to deposit some BATTLE tokens to your in-game wallet and get setup.

    • Step 2 Defeat your enemies in battle and earn GEMS to level up your robot!

In 24 hours time [4:00pm EST] we'll check your GEMS winnings and double it!

You can read the Introductory Post to learn more about our Robot Wars discord game including instruction on how to play, and how to claim robot supremacy in the battle arena!

-See you on the battlefield.

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24.09.2019 19:49

Let's get those GEMS !!!!

24.09.2019 20:14

Game ON !!

~ Manually curated by @bdvoter team.

24.09.2019 22:12

@battlegames, Nowadays when i read about the Robot then it reminds me of Artificial Intelligence. Keep up team and keep bringing more engagement to the platform.

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25.09.2019 20:20

Robot Wars 2x GEMS Event is Now Complete!

Top 10 Leaderboard :

@mullet -> 205 GEMS x 2 = 410
@agr8buzz -> 418 GEMS x2 = 836
@philippekiene -> 36 GEMS x2 = 72
@wiriwiri -> 238 GEMS x2 = 476
@tsnaks -> 132 GEMS x2 = 264
@reazuliqbal ->68 GEMS x2 = 136
@arkmy -> 50 GEMS x2 = 100


GEMS to be sent in-game. See you in the arena!

25.09.2019 21:00