Our Mission: Get Listed on Steempeak [UPDATE]


We're half way to our goal of 1000 ENG! 🔥

A little more than 2 weeks into our fundraising and our STEEMPEAK upgrade is 50% funded!


Let's go battle gamers! If this initiative is of interest to you please consider a contribution to our campaign!

Battle plans have been drawn and we've set our sights on the prize!

Our Mission: Get listed on Steempeak.

Starting today we will embark on our mission to raise 1000 ENG/STEEM to pay the Steempeak listing fee. Most @battlegames revenue will be focused on this task until we reach our goal.

If you would like to help speed up this mission we will accept tokens in any form to the @battlegames account. Please make a note in the memo referencing Steempeak.

Campaign Starting Balance: 250 ENG [25% Achieved]

Lets do this!

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I will contribute with my upvotes :)

18.10.2019 15:19

Thanks @tsnaks, currently we're burning all BATTLE earned and staking all NEOXAG coins. Most other rewards earned for now will be sold to contribute towards this initiative!

18.10.2019 17:40

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20.10.2019 02:27