New Achievement Unlocked - 500+ Hodlers and 1 Million+ BATTLE Staked!


Not sure if you've noticed but our gaming community is ON FIRE! šŸ”„

Team work makes the dream work!

Thank you to everyone that is creating awesome content, curating, engaging in the comments, staking your tokens, adding value to our network and all around being a bad ass community of gamers!

500 Hodlers with BATTLE in their wallets

You might not think this is such a big deal but it is! Why? Because we didn't airdrop tokens to random wallets like other communities may have done šŸ˜‰ ALL of our tokens are EARNED through participation in our network or purchased directly from the DEX. Think about that, every single token is in a wallet with intention! Powerful.

1 Million BATTLE staked

That's over 90% of all tokens in actual circulation! Hodlers of these tokens see enough value in our community and network to lock these tokens in long term.

You guys rock, we justst leveled up, let keep building.

See you on the BATTLE field.

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Comments 38

I'm on my way to 10k staked myself

25.07.2019 16:15

šŸ”„ It's a beautiful thing!

25.07.2019 17:10

Looking good!

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25.07.2019 16:19

šŸ”„ Team work makes the dream work friend..

25.07.2019 17:10

One of the 500, but still with so little... work in progress to be a battle dolphin šŸ˜œ

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25.07.2019 16:26

šŸ”„ Good engagement on your posts, you'll get there!

25.07.2019 17:12

Thank you, working on it! Thank you for the game community support! ;)

25.07.2019 17:18

Iā€™m super excited about this growth. Cool project to watch and be a part of.

25.07.2019 16:37

šŸ”„ Yass, on wards and upwards!

25.07.2019 17:13

Good news. I am also one of the staker.
Though you did not did any airdrop but you put efforts in platform and did very innovative promotion of token. Steem monster tournament and giveaway of nice cards, I guess really helped.
I constantly see you about forging new relationship so that battle token can be used for purchasing the games.
We will definitely grow much more than this.

25.07.2019 18:03

Everyone loves free tokens, BUT Airdrop does not add enough value. Why give away your tokens for FREE to people that don't even participate in your network? We value our community and tokens more then that! Yes some news has leaked out, soon you can buy and sell your games using BATTLE šŸ”„

25.07.2019 19:52

As one of the hodlers, I am excited to see the #Battle community grow. Thanks for all of the hard work and supporting your token holders.

25.07.2019 18:16

šŸ”„ Great to hear, and thanks for being here!

25.07.2019 19:54

hell yeah,im so happy to be part of battlegames community,keep skated guys :) resteemed

25.07.2019 18:35

šŸ”„ @jodipamungkas Content creators like you is the reason I went all in to establish this community.

25.07.2019 19:55

Great to be part of such an active, supportive and creative community :)

25.07.2019 18:36

šŸ”„ Thankfully it's easy to stay active when it's a topic as fun as gaming! The added bonus for us is that gamers ARE super creative, I mean look at all the content they create. The posts, videos and the streaming! Not many genres do it like we do.

25.07.2019 19:59

That's great, congratulations.

Do you have any idea when the delegations will be available for Battle token?

25.07.2019 18:41

šŸ”„ Thanks, all credit to our community of creators, curators, and super stars! We have delegations on the road map for Sept/Oct..

25.07.2019 20:04

The numbers are rocking upwards !!!
3 hours after the post checking there are already 520 Holders !!!


25.07.2019 18:43

O N ..F I R E šŸ”„

25.07.2019 19:53

Love it, this is awesome news!

So Glad I got onto this when I did, things are only going to get bigger and better!

25.07.2019 19:20

šŸ”„ Glad to have ya! We'll keep growing, haven't reached our critical mass yet! And there will always be great gaming news and content to blockchain gaming is just getting primed to explode, probably in 2020.

25.07.2019 20:11

Really enjoying this community and its still early days

25.07.2019 19:34

šŸ”„ Yup, the future is bright, gotta wear shades šŸ˜Ž

25.07.2019 20:13

Thank You @battlegames for the Update. You made me Just Increase my Staking to 3500 Battle Now........

25.07.2019 21:50

šŸ”„ Beauty, an excellent choice for anybody that wants to create and curate on our platform!

26.07.2019 20:04

This is awesome news ....

Keep up the great work everyone !

BATTLE TOKEN to the moon :)

spt #battle #palnet #sct

25.07.2019 22:15

šŸ”„ Group effort, and we got it goin on!

26.07.2019 20:04

Greetings, grand @battlegames

Excelent notice that you give to us!!! Lets make BattleGames grown up together!!!!

palnet #battle #spt #steemace

25.07.2019 23:21

šŸ”„ Fun times my friend, thank for the all great content and continuous support of our community!

26.07.2019 20:06

I am so excited about my BATTLE tokens. Finally earning money through gaming in a straight forward way and connected to Steem. A dream coming true! The price of the tokens has also been really impressive. I think I earned more with BATTLE than with any other tokens I used recently. All of them are staked on my alt-account for ideal upvoting.

Do you have a curation trail? Would be nice, because all these different tribes cost so much time. That leads to poor curating. A trail could help us and allow you to send some even larger votes to the best content.

26.07.2019 00:06

šŸ”„ That is a great suggestion, I'll put that on the radar!

26.07.2019 20:07

Staked 2k battles! Now I can take some rest šŸ˜…
Please put me in the winning list pal.

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26.07.2019 04:38

Woot! this is so awesome @battlegames ! I just Staked 500 more BATTLE Tokens and did a post about it, giving you and this post of yours an awesome mention if you care to check it out ! Go Battlegames!! upped and resteemed!!šŸ’ÆšŸ”„šŸ˜Ž

26.07.2019 19:59

I'm happy to be with my little one, @victor-alexander in the first 100 hodlers. To see it grow to 500 with over 1 mil stacked is an achievement! 500 might not sound a lot, but if you real think about, it is a small village. The growth can be only exponential as more and more gamers join the network.

27.07.2019 05:55

I didn't received an Airdrop like so I am uninformed that this gaming community exist.

27.07.2019 15:48

Wow that sure feels good to know that part of the 1 million staked contribution is my little contribution too
Me being one of the 500 staking gives me a positive feel too
Let us keep up the momentum up

28.07.2019 04:50