Introducing Robot Wars Discord Game


Fresh from Battle Labs comes a simple yet addictive multiple player robot battle Discord game.

Coded by none other than the young wizard himself @reazuliqbal.


How does it work?

Join the #robot-wars Discord channel and deposit some BATTLE into your in game wallet using the //deposit command. After you have made a deposit you can check you balance using the //b command. Once you have your players start a new game using the //s command.

By default each game costs each player 10 BATTLE to enter and the game is setup for 2 players. However you can specify any amount of BATTLE as an entry fee and a larger amount of players [up to 5 max].

Prize split is 60% Winner, 20% 2nd, 10% Dev Fund, 10% @null.

Once a game has started all players roll for their attack using the //a command. The Robot with the lowest attack is killed and removed from the arena. Play continues round by round until there is only 1 robot left standing to claim the spoils [BATTLE/GEMS].


Token Sink

10% of BATTLE Tokens are sent to @null each match. Burning tokens baby right out of circulation and into the void never to be seen again.



The winner of every match earns a random amount of GEMS [1-100] which are automatically used to upgrade your robots Attack Strength also known as Tech Rating. While your initial Attack Strength produces a random roll between 15-30, stacking GEMS on your robot gives you a direct bonus attack on top of your roll.

Tech Rating Attack Bonus
0-100 Gems = +1 Attack
101-1500 Gems = +2 Attack
1501-3000 Gems = +3 Attack
3001-4500 Gems = +4 Attack
4501-6750 Gems = +5 Attack
6751-10000 Gems = +6 Attack
10001-15000 Gems = +7 Attack
15001-22500 Gems = +8 Attack
22501-34000 Gems = +9 Attack
34001-50000 Gems = +10 Attack

The more you play, the more powerful your robot grows!

Boost Your Robot

GEMS can also be purchased from the Steem-Engine DEX. The first 10,000 GEMS will be sold for 0.002 STEEM/GEM. Once these are sold the price will increase to 0.

Attack Strength

Attack roll of 15-20 is a “Stun”, a minimal attack, not much of a threat.
Attack roll of 21-25 is a “Laser”, we're starting to heat up.
Attack roll of 26-30 is a “Death Ray”, often an insta kill.
Attack roll of 30-33 is an “EMP Pulse”, you're the boss now!
Attack roll of 34-37 is an “EMP Blast”, winning!
Attack roll of 38-40 is an “EMP Nuke”, the ultimate weapon, pop off a nuke and watch your competition get obliterated!

Initial Attack Strength without GEMS produces a random Attack roll of 15-30 on its own. Adding GEMS producing a +Attack Bonus allowing players to attack with more powerful EMP weapons [EMP Pulse, EMP Blast, EMP Nuke].

Now that you know the rules, stop on by our Discord and battle it out for robot supremacy in the Robot Wars arena.

-See you on the battlefield

SP Delegation Drive

An SP delegation to our project would go a long ways in allowing us to increase the value of our vote and curation earnings. All earnings stay within our account to support STEEM gaming communities. Thank you for your consideration!

50 SP | 100 SP | 150 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP

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20.09.2019 18:51

@battlegames, Combination of Gaming and Token Burning 🔥 is interesting step team. Keep up the good work and bring more value.

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Thanks for the support!

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23.09.2019 05:36

Awesome news! Love another way to burn these tokens.

21.09.2019 05:01

Yessir! Plus a little gambling for a good cause never hurt.

22.09.2019 22:33

I like where this is going! I may have just purchased the first 19,999 token!

21.09.2019 20:41

Haha awesome, lets battle!

22.09.2019 22:29

Nice, its good to see sinks being created.

22.09.2019 13:57

An actual true sink is nice! I'm fine to keep burning tokens, and will keep doing so.. but a real sink needs to see tokens come from the general population and be removed from circulation and this does that! Unless you win that is, then your just filling your bag and stacking!

22.09.2019 22:31

I saw this game on the discord, looks very funny :D

26.09.2019 00:35

Gambling — not my cup of tee. :(

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27.09.2019 07:20