Happy Hardfork 21


Have been through a few hardforks and I can tell you there's nothing to fear!

How does this effect your blogging and the battlegames.io platform?

There's almost no impact to your experience sharing your gaming content on the battlegames platform. So you have nothing to worry about on this end. HF21 does not effect your BATTLE earnings on posts! Our author and curation rewards settings are set independently.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

and be chill like @jodipamungkas's pet sloth!


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Heyy! Thanks for the comforting post. Many people are panicking, I think the HF might change some things for the better. (Lower ROI for Steem upvote bots, higher incentive to upvote organically, curation might actually surpass the vote worth...)

We just need to see and hope for the best

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27.08.2019 19:36

Thanks for the positive vibes! Bit of a bumpy ride yesterday but we made it out! Upvote bots may get wrecked as we see a welcome return to true curation! This is #newsteem 2.0, let's do it!

28.08.2019 19:46