DTube Subscriber Drive Winners!


Last week we put out a challenge to our community!

Find and subscribe to 3 new DTube content creators, then nominate 3 friends to get in on the action. Thank you to everyone that took part, you guys rock!

It was really cool to see all the suggestions, some familiar creators mentioned and some that are less familiar which is awesome! This was the point, explore, hunt, find some creators that you dig and give them a follow.

We have our 5 winners pulled at random! Congrats to @alexvan @freddbrito @obelus @akomoajong @vimukthi


Reward will be sent out today!

The Challenge

  • Subscribe to 3 new DTube creators and list theme in a comment down below.
  • Nominate and Tag 3 gamer friends to participate in the challenge. We'll post an example below.
  • That's it! All valid entries are entered into a prize draw, 5 lucky winners will split all the loot!

The Prizes

Submission Deadline: This Challenge will be open for 7 days, you have until 9am EST Monday, July 29th. BUT don't wait until the last minute and risk missing out on winning these prizes! No Resteem, No Upvote, No Follow required.


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Congrats to all winners!👍🙋😎

30.07.2019 15:29

Thank you group!

30.07.2019 15:36

Thank you 💯

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31.07.2019 04:52