Curate, Stack, Repeat!


We're on a quest to boost your author rewards and it looks like this..

Curate, Stack, Repeat!

We see you creating and sharing content across multiple platforms, and when our main curation account @battlegames votes your content through our front end we have an opportunity to reward you in multiple tokens!

🔥 Multiple tokens! 🔥

This isn't a secret or a big surprise, we just wanted to officially let you know that we are currently staking the following coins so that you can earn more from our curation vote. See,.. we post content like this article from time to time and the community is gracious enough to bless us with a vote. Because of this we often see rewards from many many community coins.

Current Stake

BATTLE: 254,289
SPT: 41,339
PAL: 25

The NEOXAG is building up nicely thanks to a 6k delegation from Neoxian City Team member @zaku.

PAL is small potatoes but we're starting from zero and working our way up, once we have a nice bag of NEOXAG we'll focus more on growing the PAL stack!

A glimpse of our author rewards, anything not mentioned above is converted to STEEM to support the community account.

What other tokens should we stack to help you earn?

Love to get community feedback whenever possible, so please let us know which coins we should be stacking next?

Comments 4

That's the way to go!
I think that is already a very sufficient collection of staked tokens :)

28.08.2019 20:02

I recommend GG token (#steemace) because it's also a gaming one.

28.08.2019 20:04

Not bad idea.

28.08.2019 20:22

So amazing to see how communities are cross-supporting each other like that. You get an upvote from one community and earn tokens for several others at the same time? Brilliant!

I know it is kind of weird, but you should stake GG tokens as well. It is also gaming content and you earn yourself a share to have a say in the distribution of that coin. Maybe a greater symbiosis emerges eventually out of this but it surely will benefit your user base.

30.08.2019 04:13