Come Play Pokemon With Us!


We've got a Pokemon Game Play channel [Pokecord] Rockin & Rollin in our Discord.

Come hang out,..and Evolve!✨

You're officially invited, but not that you needed it. We've got Pokemon popping up left right and centre, come help us catch em all.

Connect with our Pokemon Discord here.

Thanks for supporting blockchain gaming community!

See you on the field.

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Comments 6

Greetings, grand @battlegames

What will be this game of pokemon??? Its a pokemon go of celular phone that you are talking???

Thank you for share this news with us and have a nice day!!!

palnet #spt #sct #steemace

24.07.2019 14:29

Hey man, it's in a Discord channel. You're in our Discord, so come check it out :p

24.07.2019 15:35

This discord pokemon is amazing :D
I already got some lvl 40+ pokemen

24.07.2019 15:01

spotted and caught a few beauties already!

24.07.2019 15:36

Such a cool bot! Caught some good pokémon already

24.07.2019 19:26

Sorry no time to hang @battlegames in discord , Have fun guys! I just finished my latest promotional post for BATTLE Games, Woot!! upped andresteemmed!

25.07.2019 03:19