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In this series of short interviews we sit down with game makers and talk shop!

Rada Quest

A Trading Card Game set inside a fantasy universe created by Writer, Illustrator, and Coder @marcosdk. The project is in early development stages, and fundraising efforts are currently underway. To show your support consider purchasing TARUK Tokens from the Steem-Engine DEX, or official hi-res Rada Quest illustrations.



Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into development and illustration?

Marcos - My real name is Marcos. DK means Dungeon Keeper. Hum... It' a long history, I graduated in computer science as a developer in the early 90s. Ouch! A long time ago...

I am a lover of literature and films of the fantasy genre since I was very young. One of my hobbies has been writing. In 2010 I began writing a series of epic fantasy stories that shaped a more complex story. Over time and many revisions, Rada Quest appeared among those papers. Meanwhile, with the desire to accompany my stories with illustrations, I entered the world of creating digital illustrations with 3D software and Photoshop. I was receiving classes about traditional painting, watercolors and pencil drawing mainly, but where I have always felt more comfortable is with digital drawing.

The Rada Quest game had to be the inescapable result of the union of my 3 best skills.

What are some of your influences for your artwork? The female Rada warriors are smoking hot!

Marcos - Oh yeah I know, haha. That is another one of my not-so-secret hobbies. I am an unconditional admirer of great masters of fantasy drawing.

The delicious drawing of the human figure by Boris Vallejo is simply impressive.

The strength and fantasy in Frank Frazetta's drawings. All that eroticism with that shocking energy!

And also among my countrymen I find inspiration. The beauty of the enigmatic women drawn by Luis Royo. Or the real Vampirella, by Pepe González. They overwhelm me.

It is very common to find attacks by a certain sector of society against those who create this type of art. But I don't see sexism in showing strong and confident women; prepared to survive the most fearsome dangers of worlds that can only exist in our fantasies. Our real-world is hard, ugly and stressful. I just want to bring some beauty and something to dream about.


Can you tell us about your vision for the Rada Quest game play?

Marcos - I must be consistent with my limitations, especially as far as time is concerned. After much analysis, I have concluded that a trading card game is a realistic goal for me.

My expectation is a game with multiple activities that maintain the interest of the player. From my experience as a mediocre player (I confess) I don't want the frustrations of other players trying to advance against impossible enemies. I want an environment for all types of players and with possibilities to make you feel a champion... among the players in your class.

And if I can't get that I hope, at least, to get the players to enjoy the art of the cards. I would not feel unsuccessful if at least someone is waiting to see the picture on the next card.


At this point has game development started or has it been primarily card artwork?

Marcos - At the moment I have the design of a good handful of cards, but not enough. My goal is that new cards are constantly appearing in the game. There will not be a limited deck.

Regarding the code, I have almost finished the Game Document. Currently, my development efforts are focused on creating tools to help the project, such as the profit-sharing system among game investors. These types of tools are helping me a lot to understand communication with the blockchain, a development environment that was unknown to me until a few months ago.

I am also fine-tuning the website, very necessary for me for the help I hope in selling illustrations and tokens.

In a few weeks, these tools will be finished and I will be able to focus my effort completely on the development of the game itself.

And in meanwhile, new cards will appear; Creating those illustrations relaxes me.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

Marcos - Rada Quest is a project that has occupied my life for almost 10 years. It's a novel, it's a game, it's illustrations ... it's a fantasy universe that occupies my mind every hour of the day. I don't have an answer to the question of "when will the game be ready". I have a job and a family and I don't have the means to pay for help in the development of the project. I'm the only man on the forge. I know I can't ask for confidence; I must earn it with every step I take. But I would like to ask for patience.

@marcosdk Thank you for taking the time to answer these question and for allowing us to step a little further into your creative realm.


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Thank you so much for your great support to the gaming community!

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Our pleasure!

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Cool project, I really like your designs and vision for the game.

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Thank you @masterthematrix!

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Greetings, @battlegames

Excelent interview. I think that he is very, very, very creative to build this game. I will be 1 gamer of @radaquest

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Yeah Marcos made this a great interview with all the detail and insight into his passion and project!

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Thank you @julisavio!

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Looking forward to Radaquest. Thanks for providing us with this interview.

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Thank you so much for your interest!

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What an awesome interview.

I have spoken to a few people looking to launch games by themselves on Steem.
They are awesome people to talk to and have a massive workload. I just worry that they will lose out to others that come along with a team and just smash out a game in no time.

I hope people get behind @marcosdk, @grid9games, treepi and other solo game developers here on Steem so they can get the appreciation they deserve.

I love your artwork Marcos. Your pictures are so detailed and realistic. You are very talented.

I can't wait to see how this game will develop.

Thank you @battlegames for taking the time to bring us this interview.

Have an awesome day!

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Was really neat to get a behind the scenes look at this project, and the illustration are just fantastic! Thanks for pointing out the likes of @grid9games, @treepi will need to keep them on the radar.

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Thank you so much for your interest @mickvir!

What worries me most are some games that have suddenly disappeared leaving abandoned players... and their spent money. They cast a dark shadow above the other developers. It is more difficult to compete and find support when this occurs.


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thank you @mickvir for believing in a project like mine. some days it feels down right monumental the amount of work ahead of me and comments like this i really appreciate.

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