Battlegames has a Curation Trail!


Follow our Curation Trail here!

We have a SteemAuto curation trail that you can follow for bonus curation rewards. ⚡

We're voting with:

  • 1k SP
  • 250k BATTLE
  • 4.5k NEOXAG
  • 41k SPT
  • PAL, MARLIANS, JJM, ZZAN [We frequently use these community tags]

We're voting selectively on quality content that earns, so jump on our curation trail today! If you're new to SteemAuto keep in mind it's a good idea to have a minimum of 30+ SP in your voting account, and set your voting % accordingly.

See you on the battlefield!

Comments 3

Finally a trail for #Battle. Hope you actively/daily search for good gaming posts to curate!

07.10.2019 15:31

You betcha! The @battlegames account curates,, and on a daily basis. 🔥

Follow our trail and you'll definitely earn these tokens plus SP!

07.10.2019 20:02

Keep the good work~

08.10.2019 04:52