The Weekly Burn!


As an anti inflationary measure each week we burn all BATTLE Tokens issued to our @battlegames account.

Update: On August 1st while editing the BATTLE Token smart contract we changed the Promoted Post account recipient to @null. So instead of going to @battlegames it's just burnt automatically. Promote your posts, burn tokens! More on that later..

A little early this week but it's a long weekend here in Canada and I'll be on the road in the country side bumming around on a beach drinking craft beer. Time to take care of business now.

Burn baby burn!

Weekly Tokens Burned: 13,065 🔥
otal Tokens Burned:: 64,737 🔥


Previous burns:

Until next week...

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Comments 7

Upvote this post to BURN MORE BATTLE!

02.08.2019 16:01

I UP voted the Post, Burn Baby Burn.........

06.08.2019 09:56

Burn them, burn them all!

02.08.2019 18:06

Can see the effects taking change already with a lower upvote value now, but the future of us getting more from a higher token value is well worth it! Keep up the good work!

02.08.2019 22:44

Burning is good for coin economy.But as a minnow, I am all staking up.
Still short of 1502 battle for my August end goal of minimum staking 3000 battles.

03.08.2019 13:36

Coin burn.PNG

04.08.2019 15:24

upped 100% and resteemed

05.08.2019 23:47