The Weekly Burn!


As an anti inflationary measure each week we burn all BATTLE Tokens issued to our @battlegames account. 🔥

Burn baby burn!

🔥Weekly Tokens Burned: 667
🔥Total Tokens Burned: 82,272

Previous burns:

Until next week...🔥

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13.09.2019 23:52

One of my favorite posts each week.

14.09.2019 03:18

Disco Inferno........

14.09.2019 04:34

@battlegames, Have a productive time ahead team and keep taking these effective steps.

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15.09.2019 23:24

Hello @battlegames !? is there a reason you no longer reply to my comments for a long time , did I upset you for some reason, if so please let me know why! as I have been leaving you comments with no reply back . im still 100% staking all battle tokens or should I start powering them down, I feel that I have lost your support even though I still support you with 100% upvotes and resteems.
Check out my comment in your posting here

17.09.2019 03:31