The Weekly Burn!


As an anti inflationary measure each week we burn all BATTLE Tokens issued to our @battlegames account. 🔥

Burn baby burn!

🔥Weekly Tokens Burned: 1,165
🔥Total Tokens Burned: 88,404

Previous burns:

Until next week...🔥

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Comments 3

12.10.2019 00:06

@battlegames, Keep up the good work team and keep bringing value to this Ecosystem. Have a great time ahead team and stay blessed.

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12.10.2019 23:39

Can someone all them why I was just muted? They literally asked me to use their tag on my gaming content. So I post gaming content, and get muted?

I'd go to their discord and ask, but the invite link is expired. Someone wanna have them reach out to me?

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15.10.2019 17:30