My Intro Post to Asshole Token (Pucker Up Buttercups)

So I've been being given this token for awhile and am sorta going wtf. I like to keep things classy and refined so here's some mind blowing crap to help spread the word that there is a token for assholes by assholes and about....assholes.
I guess you get paid and can be a superstar b-hole just by being your loathsome and horrible self. That is amazing!

These tribes are odd and the days of having all these initiatives to do save the world things seem long gone. Now we have evolved into assholes. Some have always been assholes. Some will become assholes. Some assholes will pucker.
Have a great day or whatever....facepalm

Oh what has become of our beloved ecosystem? all images by giphy

battleX_V5b_geko (1).gif

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17.08.2019 03:59

Wow, pucker up buttercups is right! look at that!

17.08.2019 04:12

17.08.2019 04:14