Contest Idea Challenge: Share your best pet selfie|| 7days competition, reward pool 50 steem - sponsorship

Hello Friends

This is my entry to the Create The Best 7 Day Competition organized by @steemitwarrior in steemschool community i hope you guys go join the contest it is quite creativ and interesting.
Special thanks to @steemitwarrior for organising this contest and also a very big thanks to @dobartim for what he has been doing for steemschool community



Pets are animal kept by human beings as a source of companionship and pleasure. It gives its owner pleasure especially Dogs and Cats and some other animals. Keeping of pets can be describe as a symbiotic relationship, both the pets and the human benefits from each other this pleasure appears to be mutual. Keeping of pets have been practices in time past and presently. It is found almost in every culture and society. What differentiates pets from other useful livestock is the affection between them and their owner.



Share a selfie showing how cute, special, and most awkward selfie with your pet.

Share with us that great moment with your pet. That awkward times with your pets, that cute pictures with your dog, cats and so on. Just share and talk about it.


  • Tell us the Name of the Pet
  • Tell us more about your pet
  • Why did you choose your preferred Animal
  • Your best selfie photographs with you and your pet


  • Use original pictures of you and your pet
  • Minimum of 300 words is ok. Be detailed.
  • The post must be in English.
  • Be creative in your writing. Applying markdown will be helpful
  • This contest is open for all steemers
  • Only share your post in @steemschool community and subscribe to it.
  • Use the following tags to help me find your post easily

    pets, # selfie, #steemschoolcommunity, #steemexclusive, #contest and any other tags

    • Tag me in your post so that I can get to know quickly @basky14
    • Drop your link at the comment section of this post.
    • upvote and resteem this post
    • Share your post on your wall.
    • Share your post on Your Twitter Profile ( and put a screenshot on the place for comments in this post together with your post link )
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    We have up to 35 Steem available for this contest. Here is how it will be distributed:

    Ist Positon - 7 steem
    2nd Position - 5 Steem
    3rd Position - 3 Steem
    4th-20th Position - 1 Steem Each

    This contest will end on the 13th of this month

    Thanks to:

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Will love to

06.05.2021 11:15

Seems like you love dogs.
I'm a big time dog lover too

06.05.2021 12:00